What To Know About A Trip To The Ouzoud Waterfalls In Morocco

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A large amount of individuals imagine Morocco to become a great barren desert.

I thought it will be extremely difficult to find lush forests & waterfalls in this nation.

The southern portion of the nation is quite arid. You will find gorgeous sand dunes in Merzouga and also the canyons close to the Todra gorges are very fun to explore.

The northern portion of the nation, nonetheless, is significantly lusher than I’d actually dreamed it to be.

The spot near Chefchaouen is filled with green forests and it is as well a location where one can check out the lovely Akchour waterfalls.

Cynthia and I had been in Marrakesh a couple of weeks ago and we learned about the Ouzoud waterfalls, so we’d to go to them. Together with Imlil, the Ouzoud waterfalls are the ideal day excursions from Marrakesh.

We required to have a visit to the countryside to escape the crowds in the community. We thought the waterfalls will be a peaceful spot to enjoy nature though we could not have been much more wrong.

The other tallest waterfall in Africa is the Ouzoud Waterfalls. It has among the most visited and also photographed natural websites in Morocco.

I’d love to alert you never to expect to be by yourself at these waterfalls rather than to count on them to become as silent as the Akchour waterfalls approach Chefchaouen.

We looked online to discover how you can reach the Ouzoud waterfalls by public transportation.

We discovered that we will have to go for a shared taxi from Marrakesh to Azilal then another from there to Ouzoud. We would have for getting back to Marrakesh the exact same way by awaiting the shared taxis to run after which head back.

The price being there from Marrakesh is roughly 300 MAD a person. It will eat up a big part of our day.

Whenever we discovered that we might go there with a trip for 500 MAD (for two), we chose to choose this choice instead. We would not waste time hopping from a single transport to the next in case we had been going there directly.

We had been informed by our tour operator which we will be totally free to check out the waterfalls, but when we have there, we found that it was not true. Our group was miles away from the official entry of the website, along with a guide was awaiting them.

Each and every part of the team will need to pay him three euros at the conclusion of the tour for his solutions, as he stated it was not possible to check out the waterfalls on their own.

The driver of our van fallen us off much out of the entry and was on the fraud with him.

Since I invested a large amount of time in Morocco and I discovered Moroccan Arabic, I was aware of that which was taking place. Cynthia and I was able to go out of the team and we explored the spot around the falls by ourselves.

You’ll find a couple of things to find out before you visit Ouzoud Falls

1. Would you want a guide to go to the Ouzoud Falls?

There’s no demand for a guide to go to the Ouzoud waterfalls. You are able to just go from the roof of the cascades on the bottom on a single path.

A local guide may be included in the last cost in case you go to these cascades with a tour team from Marrakesh.

You ought to purchase the journey from the tour operator prior to going to stay away from getting cheated.

In case you do not wish to follow a team for hours, the waterfalls can be simple to go to alone. The paths are not hard to follow and don’t require the assistance of a person to teach you the way.

Take the left path all downhill from the entry of the website. It is going to lead you to a path lined with little restaurants and shops.

From there you are able to continue all of the right way to the bottom part of the waterfall in which you will find a couple of cafes and in case you are fortunate, a few Berber monkeys.

Can it be risk-free to check out the Ouzoud waterfalls?

The waterfalls are reasonably safe to go to. It is nearly impossible to become lost on the road that’s marked. There are areas of the site that ignore the waterfalls that may be dangerous, particularly close to the roof of the fantastic cascade.

The falls are really high (aproximatelly 110-meter) so I’d advise treading on the cliffs and also the paths which surround them with extreme caution. I would not lean too near the edge of the falls since I am scared of heights.

What is the greatest moment to go to the Ouzoud Falls?

The Ouzoud cascades are gone to the entire year round. In case you would like to swim in the pools in the bottom part of the falls, the very best period of the entire year is during the summer months.

In case you do not mind it is extremely cool to swim, winter is the greatest moment to go to the Ouzoud waterfalls since there’s far more water and much less tourists.

Just how much will it cost you to check out the Ouzoud waterfalls?

There’s no entry fee for the Ouzoud waterfalls but in case you like, you might always work with a local guide showing you around (though it is really not needed).

In case you’re going to with a team of friends or by yourself, a guidebook will charge somewhere between thirty and 150 MAD a person.

A quick tip: The restaurants close to the waterfalls aren’t too costly but in case you wish to go around Morocco on the budget, I’d recommend bringing some snacks along with you.