Lisbon Airport; a tourist guide

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Lisbon features just one airport, which handles most domestic and international flights. Even with being somewhat aged in look, the airport is nicely organised and has the comforts expected of a serious international terminal.

The terminal is situated to the city limits and it is just 6km from the historic centre. There’s superb public transportation from the bulk and the terminal of guests, that are staying to the city, walk up the metro for onward traveling.

Lisbon airport has 2 terminal buildings; Terminal one handles all arrivals and many overseas departures, while Terminal two will be the departure terminal for the affordable airlines. This book is going to provide an overview of Lisbon Airport and can offer info on transportation to/from the terminals, crucial traveling tips and amenities.

Terminal one is the primary terminal at Lisbon airport and it is where you’ll fly into

2 vital tips when departing from Lisbon Airport

You will find 2 quirks to Lisbon airport that we’d love to emphasise for you for your depart from Lisbon Airport.

1- Portuguese airports have passport command following the duty free stores. Lots of site visitors have almost skipped the flights of theirs by investing a long time in the duty free location and after that getting caught in the very long queues for passport control. In case you want to go shopping, always leave lots of time.

2- The majority of the affordable airlines depart from Terminal two. This particular terminal is 1km from the key airport and has no immediate connection to the metro or maybe public bus services. There’s a totally free shuttle bus out of Terminal one to Terminal two which departs every 10 20 minutes from the bus stop before the departure hall.
Advice: Always verify the departure of yours terminal before proceeding towards the airport; you might have arrived at terminal one though you might make from terminal two.
Info: the IATA airport code for Lisbon airport is “LIS”

Travel from Lisbon Airport to the community centre

Lisbon Airport is situated 6km from the city centre and thus there’s superb public transportation for onward traveling. At this time there are 3 techniques for onward travel; the metro, public bus (called the Aerobus) or maybe a taxi (or perhaps Uber)

For the majority of guests, the metro supplies the most effective choice as it’s the, safe, and inexpensive stations cover the whole city. Metro services depart every 5 15 minutes as well as the airport is attached to the Red Line. An individual ticket to anyplace in the community costs €1.50 and it is charged to the re useable Viva Viagem card, which often costs €0.50 for the original purchase.

Note: Most travelers have accommodation at the historic centre of Lisbon (the Baixa, Chiado and Alfama districts); to go here, you are going to need to switch to both the green or blue metro line. The one metro ticket covers the whole journey and also the connections are well signed & hassle free.

For site visitors of a rush, a taxi transfer supplies the quickest ways of transportation as well as Lisbon’s taxis have several of the least expensive fares in Europe. Regrettably, taxi drivers have a recognition for overcharging unsuspecting or tired tourists. Most fares must be depending on the taxi meter, but several owners demand a set fare. When the car owner insists on a set fee, ensure this’s agreed prior to leaving the terminal.

The fundamental Lisbon taxi fare is €0.47 per km, and there’s a minimum fare of €3.25. The taxis demand €14.80 every hour for waiting around (or maybe €0.25 every minute caught in traffic!) and there are extra supplements for luggage (€1.60). At night (9pm 6am) the fares grow by twenty % (€0.56 every 7 seater taxis along with km) are twenty % a lot more costly.
Count on paying between €10-15 to travel from the terminal on the historic centre (such as the Baixa district) in a 4 seater taxi & in the morning fee.