Can I change my passport photo even though my passport is still valid?

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Question: When the passport of mine was given, I’d hair that is short and weighed a number of pounds more. The final time I crossed over the border from Canada, the customs officer did not believe it had been the passport of mine.

Can I only change the photo on the current passport of mine or can I just get a brand new passport? Will I get a brand new passport despite the fact that this one is legitimate?


You can’t change only the photo in the passport of yours. The sole way to change it’s applying for a renewal. You are able to do this at anytime but is going to lose the remaining validity in the current passport of yours.

Passports issued to adults are valid for ten seasons. Individuals are able to alter a great deal during that time – gain excess weight, slim down, dye hair, allow hair grow long, shave it off, etcetera. It’s not needed to restore a passport each time a difference takes place.

Although customs officers might have a minute (or perhaps third) look and, at time, question whether you’re the individual in the picture, they understand that changes that are many are able to happen within ten seasons.

To sum up, it’s not needed being the image in your passport changed but in case you would like to you are able to.

Using for a passport renewal is easier and quicker than getting an innovative passport since the candidate isn’t needed to show up in person so long as the minimum requirements are met. It’s nonetheless crucial to follow instructions carefully and give consideration to detail to be able to stay away from delays in processing.

For regular program, the program to restore is delivered by mail to the address on the form together with the previously-issued-passport, a brand new payment and passport photos for fees.

You are able to obtain a passport renewal expedited both by mail or at a local company. Make sure you check processing times for every method before selecting which one to choose.

Applicants that have to obtain a passport renewed rapidly but are powerless to go to a local bureau, can easily authorize a third party like a registered passport courier to submit the application program and get the brand new passport and deliver it.