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Why choose bike delivery services in city centres?

There is no escaping it that cyclists are becoming more in love with Brussels in particular. Brussels is becoming increasingly a favorite of cyclists. The evidence lies in the pudding: the deficiency of bicycles which continues through 2021. The pandemic is believed cause sales to rise and manufacturers are trying in order to stay ahead. When urban dwellers are showing desire to travel on two wheels, it is likely that bike delivery is on the rise too. What is the reason it’s so well-known? What are the benefits? We explain.

A faster and more immediate delivery to your customers

Have you heard that bicycle couriers are nearly twice as fast than their automobile counterparts in cities? The increased city congestion is the cause of the efficiency of bike couriers that thwart traffic jams.

Bicycle delivery has been proven to be much more efficient than the motorized alternatives even in crowded conditions. Bicycle couriers do not have to deal with the pitfalls of automobile traffic and are less in danger. Additionally is that bicycles can be used in places where cars are not permitted, whether they are streets for pedestrians or those that are restricted to cars. Therefore, couriers are able to deliver their parcels as close as they can to the person who will receive the parcel. This is a great method to help promote this short-circuit!

A sustainable and ecological delivery

Shopping online is safe and doesn’t impact the environmental impact… In the shadow of consumers, customers are becoming more aware of environmental concerns. This is a concern for e-commerce companies that respond by looking at their packaging and choosing environmentally friendly production methods, no waste and recycled … Labels are not deficient! They are seeking delivery options which emit less nitrogen and carbon dioxide as well as sustainable delivery services that are last mile. Choosing eco-friendly vehicles (bicycles or three-wheelers, electric vehicles etc.) is a means of demonstrating your environmental commitment and establishing a positive image for your business. Imagine a bike courier to the customer’s home, it is much more innovative/responsible than a motorized truck.

The delivery of bicycles is a common occurrence in time.

The 2020 year and the pandemic has seen consumers become greater demanding about brands. More personalization, more transparency, more local… If you choose cargo bike delivery, which prefers the short circuit, it also offers a transparent of the service. Additionally, the latest applications let you monitor your package in real-time using an automated geolocation system. When the package is received by the delivery person the recipient is given an instant tracker. He will be informed by an email or phone call of the exact date of delivery.

To meet the logistics challenges that urban life poses, a bike courier London can provide an innovative more efficient, efficient, and more quiet distribution system built on electric mobility and the advantages of cheaper methods of transportation in the middle of the city.

Cargo bike delivery is not only for folding

51% of the items that are moved around this city can be transported via bicycle. Imagine a city without delivery trucks! Delivery by bicycle doesn’t mean you can’t deliver large amounts of parcels. Today, and with the growing demand for this method of transportation cycling, bicycles are getting more advanced. They are equipped to transport large quantities and, most of all, they provide comfort to couriers. With the aid of trailers, they can transport different kinds of parcels like envelopes, folds food items, furniture and even meals.

With a payload up to 250 kg and trucks that can carry up to 2m20 packages bikes couriers are able to deliver all kinds of packages on an ongoing or even on an occasional basis.

Bike delivery will be the norm in Europe

30 October 2020 in the online forum held through the European Cyclists’ Association (ECF) along with Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), European leaders are clear that they want an era of cycling. They are encouraging all cities, countries and regions to adopt the recommendations of the cycle revolution.

“Cycling is, by definition, the most effective method to address the issue of pollution within cities. The investment in separate and safe cycling infrastructure networks, which are part of national resilience and recovery plans, is an easy decision,” saysFrans Timmermans, executive vice-president of the European Commission