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What Makes Costco So Good?

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A visit to a warehouse store and purchasing bulk items is a great way in order to cut costs. Here are eight reasons you should consider shopping at Costco.

It was over twenty years ago that I started shopping at Costco-the-store-formerly-known-as-Price-Club. FishPapa was with me at the time. We were dating at the time. (His moniker is Fish.) We resided within Santa Barbara; the nearest Price Club was in Oxnard. It was a 45-minute drive however it was well worth it.

Most of the time, it was his mother and me who would make the trip, stopping for lunch in the local Soup Plantation or grabbing a hot dog from the Food Court. A few years later, during my very first pregnancies, Fish and I would travel the distance of the evening traffic to enjoy hot dogs!

Through time, Costco has come to give our family massive savings on various products that we purchase regularly. While we don’t always buy every item we consume in the Costco warehouse store but we do buy quite a few items.

The Costco membership is an invaluable tool in my fight against the high cost of groceries. Here’s why:

  1. The lowest prices on various items of daily use

Costco provides the lowest prices on the majority of the bread, dairy and fresh produce we purchase. Organic eggs are available for £3.50/dozen? Yes, please.

My list of staple items includes: sourdough and Rye breads English muffins and bagels as well as deli turkey breasts. Tillamook cheese shred mozzarella eggs, sausages milk, yogurt pasta, bacon, beans tomato products, olives and apples, bananas and other spices.

  1. Bulk buying made easier

I purchase lots of food. Lots. There are some items that aren’t worth the effort to purchase in small quantities. The bulk buying and the bulk pricingis what I prefer. I love purchasing at a large quantity when planning to cook something in the freezer.

Be aware of price. Costco gigantic package isn’t always the most affordable. I keep a book of prices in my mind to make sure that I’m not paying more than I need to.

  1. Discount non-food stuff

We’ve purchased eyeglasses, orthotics tires, eyeglasses, and auto loans from Costco. The majority of them have been excellent bargains. Costco offers tools, appliances dishes, clothing and more. There’s not a huge selection however, cost is generally competitive.

  1. Fantastic selection of healthier options

There are certain items that I’d rather buy from Costco due to their more extensive list of ingredients. For instance, did realize that the majority of commercial tuna comes with soybean oil? Not at Costco.

More and more, Costco is offering more natural and healthier food items. I’m loving it!

  1. Cash back when you buy

After a lot of kicking and screaming from me after which we decided to upgrade to an Executive membership. The membership gives the benefit of 2% cash back on purchases up to £750 for a 12-month time period. Although the Executive membership costs more (£110 as opposed to £55) however, it has always been able to pay for it’s own.

I’m unable to find the info on their website, however the time we updated, they advised we that their “earnings” report should be at least the amount of £55. In other words, if we didn’t make that much in our 2percent, they’d offer the money to us. The last years check came in at £62 which means we got back £7.

  1. Amazing food court

Although it’s not a the healthiest food option Costco’s food court does offer take-out/junk food at a great price. You can purchase an Kosher hot dog as well as soda for only a dollar. Is there anyone else who can do this?

My pizza at home is much better than Costco’s, however their pizza is pretty acceptable for ten dollars.

  1. Food that is fun and delicious

Costco has a variety of products that you might not have thought of buying and yet are fantastic. Be aware that Some of the items may not be worth it and may not be what you need or be in too large a package that you can consume it at a regular rate without spoiling.

You can also find plenty of cool stuff on the site.

  1. No-questions-asked return policy

If you aren’t satisfied with the product you purchase from Costco You can return it in a timely manner. The item must be in its original packaging. However, Costco is great with returns even if you don’t have receipts.

The plants died shortly after planting one time and they made me take the plants apart and then return them. After that, I received the refund of the money. Easy-peasy.

This policy allows you to try somethingnew, without risk. They started selling canned skipjack tuna last year for a much lower cost that their albacore. I gave it a try however we were not impressed by it. I returned the other cans that came in the package and received refunds on my purchase.

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