How to sell a car quickly and get the best price

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The simplest way in order to market your car is trading it in whenever you purchase a brand new one or to promote it to a car buying service but this can provide you with probably the lowest price.

In case you are able to find a buyer, you ought to get more cash, though it will not be as practical. You will have to:

There’s space for two cars at home.
Pay and also arrange for marketing.
On 2 cars, maintain insurance coverage and car tax.
deal with buyers – enquiries, test and viewings drives
Prior to giving over the keys, ensure funds are in your bank account and you can get paid.

You need to promote your car before you promote it.

In case you would like to sell my car rapidly and get the very best price, you have to get it prepared for sale and also have a great service history.

Clean it inside & out and ensure it’s generally tidy Repair limited paintwork damage and also basic manual faults Get a brand new MOT, especially when there is under 3 weeks on the present body.
A complete, professional valet service is going to save you time and will truly make a positive change.

The legal bit

It is a situation of buyer beware for any private customer, but that does not imply you are able to promote a car in virtually any situation or even describe it as something apart from it’s.

You’ve the right to market it.
The car has matching your description.
The car needs to be roadworthy.

There are strategies for a smooth car sale.

In case you would like a fast sale, price your car realistic.
You are able to look at the rates of quite similar cars in popular classified advertisement magazines.


You cannot sell a car with outstanding finance.
You can find outstanding hire purchase and conditional sale agreements.
In case you would like to sell, you need to buy the finance company’s authorization or perhaps very first settle the finance.


Do not exaggerate or even make false claims.
Do not make use of lines like’first to see will buy’ in your advert, they will not convince anyone.


Describe the car as effectively as you possibly can In advertisements, stick to information which will interest potential customers Be sure you quote the year/number plate, the number of weeks remain on the MOT and exactly where in the nation you are located Know that thieves may speak to you pretending to be buyers. They might make use of the info you give them to produce a cloned advert in case you provide them with details of the car including the VIN number.
Genuine purchasers are going to be pleased to come and see the car and check vehicle details on their own.

There’s an ailment.

The car’s problem is clearly stated in the advertisements and also receipt.
Say and so if it is for sale just for spare parts or requires significant repairs.
This info must be included on the receipt whenever you agree to sell.

There are documents.

Have many history and documents to hand such as MOT certificates as well as service records
Do not allow purchasers to take pictures of vehicle documents.
You should retain bills for any work done on the car.
In case you’ve a completely stamped dealer service history, it provides value.
All pertinent documents must be handed over if you sell.

It is a test drive.

Take the customer’s contact details when arranging for them to come as well as view/test drive the car – name, street address and also telephone number. In case you call to confirm the arrangements and also check the amount given, a real customer will understand.
In case the customer will test drive the car, they need to demonstrate their driving licence.
A real buyer is going to be pleased to see the car at your home address in case you insist.

Haggle room

The customer is going to have the pleasure of negotiating you down while you nonetheless get near the quantity you would like, in case you construct in a margin for haggling.


Provide a’ sold as seen, tried out and approved with no guarantee’ receipt Providing a’ sold as seen’ receipt does not impact the buyer’s legal rights – the car should match some explanation you get in writing or even verbally in the program of the purchase You cannot use a’ sold as seen’ receipt to coat the chance that the car could be unroadworthy in certain respect also.

Try to get paid.

Cash – think about arranging being handed the money at your bank account – or maybe an internet bank transfer would be the best method of getting paid out Do not allow anyone get your car away until you are convinced you have been paid out in full Beware of messages from abroad offering to purchase your car without seeing it, and also offering to make overpayments. In addition, be careful of bogus ESCROW or even shipping companies suggested by the customer.
Because of theFaster Payments process, bank transfers are faster. Buyers are able to make payments on the phone or perhaps through internet banking all day long, each day A quick bank transfer could be made utilizing the CHAPS method (a payment is payable). CHAPS payments are irrevocable ESCROW, in which cash is kept by a final party on behalf of transacting parties is a secure method of getting payment for a car though you are going to need to be sure that the company is genuine. You are able to look at going with the FSA register of payment services companies authorised in the UK in case you’re provided an individual or even building modern society cheque, wait for doing it to clear in your bank before you hand the car over Keep in mind that banker’s drafts may be forged – in case you accept payment by this process it is essential to hold back until you are certain the money are cleared into your account prior to giving over the keys.

Did you properly sell your car?

Draw up a seller’s agreement to protect yourself prior to the customer leaves.

The contract may be printed for yourself and your buyer.
The contracts with your customer need to be finished.
The contracts must be signed by you and also your buyer.
You need to each have a signed copy of the investment in your possession.

Inform DVLA

Tell DVLA quickly you are not to blame for the vehicle. It is in your own personal interest to do so, because you do not wish being landed with the new driver’s future convictions and offences.

The fastest and easiest way to express to the DVLA that you have sold your car is doing it on-line. In a couple of times, you will receive a refund of any unused car tax, as the car history will likely be updated immediately.
In case you would like to understand the DVLA by post, you have to complete the brand new keeper information on the V5C, sign the declaration, after which transmit the finished V5C to them. It is going to take a little time until the record becomes updated to don’t present you as the keeper and any car tax refunds will likely be postponed.

Do not forget to make the customer the V5C/2 area, their evidence of keepership, until they get a brand new V5C from the DVLA.