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What To Look For In A Window Blind

It could be a sofa, carpet or cushions. The art of bringing together the distinct design of a space is not an easy task. It requires a lot of thought and imagining what is working. We at Blinds 2 Blinds We’ve made this easy guide to selecting the perfect blinds to fit your house. We’ve included suggestions and tips to make the process of choosing the right blinds a breeze.
Take into consideration the position of the blinds.

Before you decide on your blinds, think about whether they is best to put them within the window recess or on the outside.

In smaller rooms, with little wall space Blinds that fit inside the recess can save much-needed space. If you wish to put curtains on top the inside fitting is ideal.

Outside fittings offer the benefit of blocking light from the outside. Therefore, if you’re looking for blinds with blackout, like this, fitting outside is the best option to ensure that less light enters. Blinds installed outside of the recess must be measured in order to fill the area by about 45mm along the top and sides.

It is always worth having an expert in to make measurements and install your blinds.

Another aspect to think about is the position of your window as well as access. You need to be able use your blinds therefore, keep in mind the different kinds of blinds as well as the way you use them to ensure that you have access to every operating device easily even in the case of restricted window access.

The blinds you choose to use will depend on the type.

There are many options when it comes to choosing one type of blind. Each one has its own advantages to meet your requirements.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds function exactly what they claim to do. By using an electric cord pull mechanism they can be rolled up to let in light. Blinds made of rollers are a common option for many homes because of their simple design and low cost. They are available in a wide range of colors, styles and designs to match any style. Additionally some Roller blinds are fitted with a protective layer, making them a great option for rooms that get heavy from moisture like bathrooms and kitchens.

Roman blinds

Elegant or casual, Roman blinds are simple and versatile accessories to any space. They operate with the pulley mechanism and fold in a concertina style. Fabric-based that reflects light to create a relaxing ambience. They also offer an excellent thermal insulationby keeping cold out and letting warmth into.

Venetian blinds

Horizontal slatted Venetian blinds can be found in various materials, including metal, wood and plastic. Venetian blinds can help block out the light that comes in from the outside, giving you more control over the light. Not only do they function but they’re very elegant, with wood Venetian blinds especially providing the appearance of natural beauty.

Vertical blinds

For large or floor-to-ceiling windows, vertical blinds are a fantastic option. They hang from a track , and slide down to open and close like curtains, but giving you more control over the light that enters through windows. Modern and stylish, vertical blinds are preferred in areas that have a lot of light, like conservatories and summer houses.

Pleated blinds

Simple and subtle Pleated blinds are simple to use and extremely child-friendly. They can be incorporated into window frames, which makes them perfect for bi-fold or French doors. Ideal for reducing sunlight, they also protect your furniture from sun bleaching and reducing reflections. They are also efficient thermally they provide airflow in hotter temperatures as well as insulation during the colder months.

Other kinds of blinds or window blinds you might be interested in might include:

Velux as well as skylight shades
Blackout blinds
Conservatory blinds
Blinds for night and day.

Picking a style that is suitable

Blinds are available in a broad variety of styles and patterns. From simple and minimalist to luxurious and glam.

If you are a fan of colour There is a wide variety of blinds with vibrant colours to match your tastes. Blinds made of rollers are often available with exciting designs that make you smile and be amazed. Have a look at some of our colorful roller blinds on our site. If chic and subtle is your preference, select simple designs and color combinations made of high-quality materials to fit your preferences. Choose a hue that is in harmony with the walls and your existing color scheme or one that totally is distinctive. In either case, they’re sure to make an impact.

Here are a few fashion suggestions for selecting blinds:

If your color scheme is simple, a variety of blinds are a great way to add personality to make your window the center area of the room.
If you want to let light through then choose a lighter fabric that lets light to pass through
Blinds that are matched will help to make the appearance of the space more cohesive and stylish
If the walls in your home are darker shades, you should choose blinds with a lighter shade to prevent the room from appearing too dark.

Blinds for every space

Different kinds of blinds are best suited to different spaces, each with particular advantages and features that be effective in the room.

Bathroom and kitchen

The ideal option for bathrooms and kitchens are blinds made of rollers. They are breathable and have their protective coating, making them an ideal for areas which are often exposed to water. They are also easy to clean.


Blinds that block out light are ideal for bedrooms. You can have a better sleep by preventing light from dawn entering your bedroom and wake you up.

Living room

Simple and practical Venetian blinds are perfect for rooms with a lot of light. They look elegant and are easy to operate, providing more privacy as well as giving some control of the sunlight that enters through the horizontal slats.

Rooms for kids

Security is essential in bedrooms for children. Select blinds with security features, such as spring or cordless mechanisms. Pick a style that’s playful and matches the personality of your child.

For more ideas and assistance in selecting the best shades for the home you live in, call us now.