How to choose the best walk-in bathtub

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It requires a great deal of consideration and study to find the ideal walk-in bath. You have to ensure you already know the various kinds of walk-in baths when you are investing a huge number of dollars. Just before you purchase, you have to find out what features to look for and what questions to question.

In this post, we have done re-search and collated the most typical questions you have to think about before you purchase as well as the questions most folks ask about walk in tubs.

You will find various kinds of walk-in tubs.

While every walk in tub serves exactly the same main purpose – a tub which reduces the danger of falling – you’ve numerous choices to choose from:

A basic tub is exactly what the Soaker is. It is the just like a typical bathtub, in it fills with water that you can soak in. It is the just like a walk in bath.

A bathtub with water jets is utilized for hydrotherapy to rub muscles and bones.

Aerotherapy: a tub with air jets. The objective is much like a waterjet, to supply healing advantages, but air planes are much easier on sensitive skin.

Aromatherapy: Usually coupled with a hydrotherapy or Aerotherapy bathtub, the tub releases important minerals and scents to the bath for a spa like experience.

Wheelchair accessibility includes a walk in tub with an additional wide door and strategic handrails to get out of a wheelchair into the bathtub.

A tub built to deal with people who weigh more than 300 pounds. There’s a reinforced structure and bigger door in these.
Before purchasing a walk in tub, you need to inquire.

Most individuals think that bathtubs are a regular size, though they’re not. They may be between 50 and 80 inches long and between 30 and 36-inches wide. Measure your tub alcove so you understand what size tub is going to fit before you consult with a sales rep. A smaller tub is able to go with the area. An extension kit is generally provided in many manufacturers.

Is your plumbing older?
It is very likely your waste drain pipe is not code. Even in case your tub has a rapid drain system, it might not drain extremely fast.

What’s your mobility like?
You have to honestly evaluate your mobility. Do you consider stepping over a 8 inch step difficult? Do you consider getting up from a sitting position challenging? The best walk-in tub is discovered if you respond to these questions really. In case you cannot get from a sitting position, you will wish to look for a tub which has a top seat and does not recline. A really low threshold step-in is required if you find it difficult to step over anything.

Could you purchase a walk in bathtub?
It’s not inexpensive to have a walk in tub. Installation costs for probably the most reasonably priced walk-in tub are a huge number of dollars. Are you in the position to pay for these costs? Financing is provided by the very best walk in tub brands to help make the costs much more affordable.

Do you’ve great credit?
You might have to fund the tub and installation in case you cannot buy it all at the same time. The most effective walk-in tub manufacturers just offer financing to individuals with great credit. You are able to get the bathtub for a monthly charge, instead of a lump sum.

Will there be extra support included in your bathroom?
The walk in tubs are heavy. Without h2o, the tubs weigh between 200 as well as 500 pounds. The weight is able to reach as much as 1,000 pounds when loaded with water. It is well worth consulting with a structural engineer to make certain your tub alcove is structurally strong adequate to support this much weight. You may have to have extra support included in it if not.