Benefits of Having an Efficient Legionella Monitoring System

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Routine Legionella monitoring and record keeping are crucial pillars of good Legionella risk assessment. They’re vital procedures which help protect public health. They’re additionally crucial for collecting information to identify the achievements of operational and maintenance practices made to control other pathogens and Legionella.

Sadly, lots of companies and organisations still fall short to get a well organised program for these procedures. As a result, they run the danger associated with an unhealthy risk assessment plan as well as the potential for encouraging the expansion and also spread of the potentially lethal Legionella bacteria in the drinking water systems of theirs.

If the organisation of yours nonetheless does not have an effective, centralised monitoring and record keeping system together with the Legionella risk assessment of yours, the following factors might help push you in the proper direction: one. You are going to have a faster and easier time updating the records of yours

Control and legionella risk assessment involves the execution of countless activities and jobs. These include:

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• Temperature monitoring and regulation
• Cleaning, and disinfection flushing
• Tank inspection, and cleaning up chlorination
• Compliance with existing water regulations and codes or policies of practice

With several methods and areas to track, a monitoring and capture process which is time consuming to check out and also update will just cause frustration and confusion to the responsibility holder of yours along with other involved staff. This’s a scenario which may be difficult to stay away from, particularly in case you’ve a sizable building or have many huge properties where various checks have to be performed at occasions that are different.

When you’ve an excellent checking plus recording system (particularly an internet one), all main persons are able to update records wherever they’re. So that as an outcome, everyone involved understands precisely what work type has been carried out when it was finished.

  1. You are going to have access that is easy to data

As the owner, supervisor or maybe duty holder of different establishments or buildings in places that are different, there’ll be situations whereby you’ll have to see and also update your Legionella records anytime and anywhere.

This’s something which you are able to quickly do simple once you simply have one consolidated system. Although you’re off-site, you can easily track the end result of the Legionella assessment of yours and control. You just link on the Internet and update the records of yours. You’ll additionally have reassurance that things are up-to-date even in case you’re not in the workplace.

  1. You are going to avoid recording and seeing different variations of the same events

To have no or even access that is limited to the record system of yours could be annoying, particularly in case you would like to know once the last water and inspection quality testing were done. Nevertheless, having to cope with disorganised and inconsistent data could be equally annoying.
When Legionella risk assessments and follow up actions are captured in only 1 phone system, you can be certain that there’s one model of the reality at all times. Everyone is going to be ready to view just the real data. There’ll be no redundant info that should result in key persons to make expensive slips.

With only one system, you will not need to perform a long job demands hard, money, and time work and then discover that it had been actually done last week. You’ll additionally stay away from passing up on an essential component of the assessment of yours and balance plan because of the disorganisation of the device which can place individuals in danger of Legionella.

  1. You are going to prevent the potential for data loss

Paper documents or perhaps a locally stored record keeping system is able to get lost or even become corrupted. These may occur when a fire, flood or perhaps hard drive crash takes place.

You are able to stay away from these headaches when you’ve an internet, centralised monitoring and record keeping process which is easy, reliable, and fast to apply. An effective system is going to serve as the backbone of the Legionella risk assessment of yours and balance plan. It is often an invaluable tool that can help safeguard the personnel of yours, customers, or maybe customers protected from Legionella bacteria.

As an establishment owner, always keep in your mind that the HSE demands most Legionella risk assessment and balance records being saved through the entire time that they stay present as well as for no less than 2 years after that time. Additionally, outcomes of any monitoring inspection, exams or maybe evaluations performed as well as the dates they had been done be held on to for no less than 5 years.
The Significance of Record Keeping

Legionella monitoring and record keeping come hand in hand since they are going to be helpful in the function of an inspection. All of the risk assessments you’ve conducted, the effects you acquired, and steps you’ve taken will serve as proof that all needed steps are taken to maintain Legionella bacteria in check.

These records will additionally be beneficial for future staff, particularly in the event you are going to change your designated duty holder or maybe water treatment company. The records are going to allow the successor to find out everything that needs to be done to confirm continued Legionella compliance and stay away from any costly mistakes.

To conclude, an effective, organised monitoring and record keeping program will enable you to monitor the Legionella risk assessments of yours plus management procedures. With this particular system in position, you can additionally make certain that the appropriate activities are performed at the proper time.