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What Type Of Bracelet Suits Your Style?

You’re not the only gal who loves to collect clothing in tons of colors and styles. The average American woman owns about 103 pieces of clothing.
Even if you don’t wear 10 percent of these pieces on a daily basis, it is important to have jewelry that matches every outfit. Even if you don’t wear them often, they are perfect for special occasions and professional settings.

We’ll show you how to match your bracelet with any clothing you have in mind. Learn how to bring your outfit together using a beautiful and elegant accessory.

1. Consider the occasion

It is important to consider the occasion when choosing a bracelet for an event. Do you prefer a casual or formal look? Are you going to be with family or friends? Your vibe will depend on who you are with.

You have the opportunity to wear loudly and try new styles whether you are going out on a first date, or just for fun with your friends. You can wear colorful bangles or pieces that have many different shapes and patterns. Professional situations require softer bracelets with smaller charms and thinner chains.

2. Consider Your Colors

It is important that all of the clothes you wear at one time match. If accessories clash with your outfits, you can look unprofessional or have poor taste. That is something no one wants!

There are three main color schemes that work well with outfits. An analogous color scheme is the first. It features three colors that are opposite each other on a color wheel. An emerald-green stone in your bangle could be the best choice if you are wearing a blue dress.

Complementary colors are also great. These colors are opposites on the color wheel. A yellow blouse with an amethyst-inspired charm on a yellow gold chain will look stunning.

Any single color can look amazing when it stands out against white or black. It doesn’t matter if your bracelet is made with aquamarine, garnets, or blue mystic rock, it will look great with a monochrome background. have a wide range of styles to choose from.

3. Manage your metal

You need to match your outfit perfectly with the metal you choose for your bracelet. Sterling silver is a great bracelet metal and looks great with rich, dark colors such as burgundy and royal purple. Light blues with calming colors like silver can invoke the feeling that still waters.

Rose gold is a popular metal and looks great when paired with warm colors. It is a great choice for pink, yellow, and candy red clothing.

Yellow gold on the other side will look too flashy when paired with these colors. Instead, it should be paired with black, very dark blue, or red.

4. Are you more subtle or loud?

In professional settings, we already know how to measure jewelry. But what about the styles they can be worn with?

A slim, subtle silver chain can look great with heavily patterned outfits. It will not distract from your beautiful outfit print if you choose the right color for your bracelet.

Bolder accent jewelry is best for solid-colored blouses, skirts, and dresses. In these cases, the bracelet is the main focal point of your outfit. Your outfit’s color will help to highlight the brilliance of the bracelet or the colors of the gemstone.

5. Find Your Personal Style

It is important to ensure that the bracelet you choose suits your style. You won’t be able to wear it with your favorite outfits if you choose the wrong piece. Before placing your order, do some wardrobe research.

When choosing the best pieces for you, it is important to stay true to your brand. You can feel confident about the bracelets you purchase.

6. Establish a Motif

A motif is an idea that guides all of your wardrobe. An outfit with a natural motif might use forest green and floral accents. For a cohesive look, you can pair this with a leaf detail bracelet.

In 2020, animal motifs are very much in fashion. Charm bracelets with pawprint-shaped pendants are great for leopard- and tiger-striped designs. Long, twisty bracelets with snakeskin ink look great on snakeskin shoes.

Any type of motif you choose to incorporate into your outfit shows that you care about how you are perceived.

7. Mix and match with other accessories

You may love beautiful pendants or a meaningful band, but there are many other accessories you will likely use on a regular basis. It is important to match your bracelet with these accessories, and vice versa.

Your entire outfit will look rushed if you use clashing color. You should use the same metal to make all the pieces you wear at once. Also, ensure that all the gemstones, paints and beads you use fall within the color scheme we have discussed.

8. Jewellery can help you brand yourself

Although we have already discussed branding your clothing, sometimes you need a signature accessory. These accessories are pieces that go well with every outfit and you will keep reaching for them whenever you dress up.

These bracelets become part of your brand. When they are used together, people will associate your bracelets with the style, color and metals it represents. This is a great way for you to be even more memorable than what you are already!
Beyond matching your bracelet

There are many ways to match your bracelet with your outfit. These are the most important.