Benefits of Hiring a Hot Tub

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All of us very long for that idyllic scene following a very long week. You return home, a rapid change, pour yourself anything wintry and bubbly, and head out for a soak in the spa tub. Aaaahhhhh the dream. However for a great deal of us, the thought of having a spa tub is a stark contrast to the reality of ours. Absence of garden area, the price and time of upkeep and maintenance, and where do you turn with it when it is not used?

This is exactly where we are available in. Hot tub hire Bournemouth couldn’t be easier and simpler, as well as more cost effective. Allow me to share the best advantages of hiring a spa tub vs owning one.

Probably the most staggering distinction between getting vs owning is price. Employing a spa tub from us begins from £125 for four days. This includes almost everything right down to matting if required. The expense for having a spa tub is able to differ based on size, frequency of using, but here’s a simple breakdown:

Price of purchase: £600-£5k+Heating: Approx. £300-£350 per year
Water expenses (avg): A regular spa tub will even include roughly 1500 litres of h20 so you’ll probably use (allowing for normal topping up once usage) about 6,500 litres of water every year.
Upkeep costs: £30-50 per upkeep visit from an engineer monthly, or even one off/emergencies could be up to £200
Insurance: This could vary from £100-£250 per season Insulation covers £200 avg.
Replacement components (Filters): £250-300 per year

All of these costs are able to add up, particularly in case you attempt to cut corners. Use the hassle and worry from it and get one and let us look after everything, which means you are able to concentrate on the key part, relaxing.


So you purchase the fancy spa tub of yours and you are the talk of the vicinity. But what goes on once the novelty of owning it wears off? Most people use their spa tub regularly for around two weeks after purchase. Next, since it’s usually offered, it turns into a low priority to head out and also work with it as “we can still go in tomorrow.” Before you recognize it, you have got a tub chock-full pond water. When this occurs, the tub must be drained and cleaned and provided a complete “shock treatment” of algaecide and chlorine. But after you’ve an algae and mould issue, it never goes out. And do not forget, that emptying, cleansing and refilling cycle usually takes a few hours and you’ve to hold out one day for it to get back up to temperature. Once you employ a spa tub all of this is taken away. Absolutely no upkeep, no hassle, no maintenance. Simply take it easy and relax in the tub of yours. Cocktail optional.


For a lot of people, space is in a premium in the rear garden. Developing a lasting fixture of a spa tub in the backyard garden is usually to considerably decrease the quantity of staying usable space, and also might require extra work like irreversible decking. Never to mention pumps etc is going to need adequate power.

Hiring a spa tub could not be simpler in this element. Not merely do we set up and dismantle the spa tub of yours, though we are going to ensure it’s done to probably the highest standard and will little effect on space. After the weekend of yours is done, the garden space of yours is returned to regular.

Nevertheless, you might ask, could this be truly a difficulty with an inflatable scorching tub? I may simply store it when I do not wish to utilize it, right? Well the actual solution to that’s yes and no. Indeed, you are able to only deplete the tub and deflate it. You cannot just “put it away” nevertheless. After it is drained, in case you’re not going to reuse it in just a week or even so, it should be completely dried before storing. What this means is giving it inflated inside for approximately seventy two hours in a comfortable conservatory, or perhaps a lot longer in case you do not possess an especially bright space in the home. You cannot simply leave your spa tub up and drain in the garden. in case it rains it gets damp and if it is windy it is able to blow out, as well as neighborhood cats wandering in and clawing at it and puncturing the spa tub.

Most of the above requires time. Draining the tub of yours, cleaning it, changing air filters, keeping synthetic levels, it all takes up the time of yours. Do you’ve enough time to maintain and upkeep the spa tub of yours, in addition to the finances? Obviously, you can pay a person to keep the tub of yours, but that’s one other cost to include on to having your tub. Precisely why bother with that if you are able to employ one and also have all of this looked after. Hiring the spa tub of yours would mean you’ve peace of mind knowing you’ve a secure, hygienic, current model with every thing probably thought of, which means you are able to relax and unwind with family and friends. Talk to us nowadays about hiring one of the tubs of ours.