What to expect from a Thai massage

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The health advantages of rub are universally recognised and also stressed folks the planet over are reaping the benefits of a great rub down since time began. But in case you have been fortunate enough to go to Thailand (or popped right into a Thai massage parlour on the great street) you are going to know that a massage hailing from the Land of Smiles is just next level.

It’s been proven that massage can make us feel much more relaxed. What’s the big difference between a regular massage and also the Thai variety, and also what provides Thai massage’s unique mind body benefits?

What’s a Thai massage?

Traditional Thai massage takes a touch more active compared to some other massage types and it is an ancient healing practice. Thai massage is often called lazy person’s yoga due to the yoga like stretching elements. To be able to gain from deep muscular compression, joint mobilisation and acupressure, you’re urged to advance your limbs into various positions much like yoga, to be instructed by the massage therapist.

Do not relax and undressing holding a table. Thai massage London therapists are going to use their hands, legs, knees, as well as their foot to mobilise you right into a number of yoga like poses. Thai massage employs extending, pulling, and rocking methods to alleviate tension and improve flexibility, as opposed to the light kneading characteristic of a regular massage.

What you should expect during a Thai massage

There are some elements which set regular Thai massage apart, so think about the following areas before you arrive:

Continue to stay completely clothed.

In case you are interested in a relaxing snooze set to tinkly music you may get a surprise, so come ready for an energetic rub down. As regular Thai massage is performed completely clothed, you need to use loose, comfortable clothes which will not control your movements.

You should not consume before your massage.

Thai massage has several active components, so it is best in case you turn up when your stomach is empty, much like in case you are joining a workout class.

You need to begin on your back.

In comparison to various other types of massage you begin on your back, not your belly, and sometimes manoeuvre into various roles, and so get ready to limber up.

Your massage therapist is honest.

Lie back and rely on massage therapist, who’ll lightly push as well as pull your limbs to extend and release muscles, prior to creating the poses.

You need to hold an open mind.

At various areas during the consultation your massage therapist could be pushing, pulling, and also kneading you – and also do not be shocked in case they actually begin jogging on you (lightly) for extra pressure!