Panoxyl FAQs

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Panoxyl FAQs:

What’s the big difference between Other acne products and panoxyl?
Some other leading brand names have the exact same items as Panoxyl. Probably the most economical products from Panoxyl UK have Benzoyl Peroxide.

What’s the big difference between Acnegel and Aquagel?
Panoxyl Acnegel and Aquagel both have Benzoyl peroxide in their many strengths (2.5 %, five %, 10 %). The sole distinction between the 2 gels is the fact that Aquagel is water based and Acnegel is alcohol primarily based. The functionality of either gel won’t be influenced by this. Those susceptible to alcohol based products had been the topic of the bath based Panoxyl.
As for Panoxyl cream (five %), this’s strictly a substitute to the gel formulation for people who like creams.

Just what does Benzoyl peroxide do?
Benzoyl Peroxide helps to take out and break down old skin cells, that unblocks the pores. This reduces irritation and redness. Benzoyl peroxide functions as an antiseptic and also cuts down on the quantity of sebum on the skin’s surface area.

Is Panoxyl ideal for me?
Panoxyl is a product for individuals that endure with lighting to moderateAcne on the facial skin as well as body Panoxyl might be also powerful in case you simply suffer with unexpected spots, blackheads, and pimples. Clearasil, Witch and T-zone are mild brands that are created for keeping blackheads and spots away.

How can you try using the Panoxyl range?
The different formulations and concentrates are strictly designed to match your preferences. Stick to the wash in case you just need a face wash. It is up for you in case you wish to use Panoxyl or even replace your everyday soap. It’s likely to make use of the wash on the face or maybe areas of the body when one day.
When you want the greatest results, use a gel/cream of your respective ideal strength together with the wash. Based on the severity of your skin sensitivity, the 2 kinds of gel and cream are made in various strengths.

At what time do results begin to appear?
Results generally start to appear within 1 – two weeks in case you make use of Panoxyl each day.

Can Panoxyl be utilized for a very long time?
Yes. The stretch of time Panoxyl can be utilized for does not have any restrictions.

Is Panoxyl safe for very sensitive skin?
Panoxyl is suggested for almost all skin types, however in case you’ve delicate skin, we suggest to try the water based Stick and aquagels to a lower consistency to start with (such as Aquagel 2.5 %). When using the Wash or maybe cream, consider testing out a spot test first before using the item completely.
Do not contact the eyes & lips. Panoxyl is not recommended to be used on delicate places.
It’s recommended that you do not use this product in case you know you’re hypersensitive to Benzoyl peroxide.

Does Panoxyl smell?
Panoxyl has zero overpowering smell and absolutely no added perfumes.

Can there be every age restrictions?
The age at what panoxyl treatments could be being used is thirteen years of age. Panoxyl is safe wear in case you’re sixteen or even more mature.