Why Have Your Dog Groomed?

Getting your pet frequently groomed ensures they stay happy, healthy, and fit. This could help to extend the lifespan of theirs and make their life a lot more fulfilled and enjoyable. Actually a simple brush and bath will make them much more comfortable.

We have a selection of services covering the entire selection of dog grooming Leicester solutions from a fast trim right up to a complete show-groom.

A full groom package is going to help your pet by:

Removing dirt, and dander parasites
Promoting good coat growth by eliminating excess dead undercoat
Increasing blood flow on the hair follicles leading to enhanced health
Thoroughly checking them for abrasions and cuts
Keeps their coat matt free
Keeping the eyes of theirs, nose, ears, mouth and gums completely clean and healthy
Identifying potential health issues that an owner might miss Making home grooming recommendations – modifications to shampoo and cleaning solutions, etc.
Ensuring nails, pads, and paws are very well looked after

Pet Health

A highly effective groom can occasionally result in the identification of undetected health conditions and animal parasites that could normally go unnoticed. These are several of the typical kinds of parasite living on the exterior of any dog’s body.

Fleas – cause too much scratching and in a number of instances allergic skin reactions

Lice – could cause skin irritation and inflammation might also result in ill health and anaemia in elderly and young dogs.

Sarcoptic Mange – brings about skin irritation and is quite contagious to any other dogs and humans.

Mites (Cheyletiella) – Causes skin irritation and what seems as a moving dandruff.

You will find lots of different kinds of parasites which is able to inhabit a host dog’s entire body and a complete groom will help identifying several of them, preserving the pet of yours from unnecessary discomfort.
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At the conclusion of the morning you will find loads of overall health associated benefits of dog grooming, though the key ones for you might simply center around always keeping them clean, nicely ended up and also causing you to satisfied since they are pleased.

When you stay within the Leicester region get in contact with us right now to reserve a session and may take advantage of every thing a grooming treatment needs to give you and the pet of yours.