Why Do We Enjoy The Big Screen?

Although there are lots of fantastic activities offered for the leisurely pleasure of ours on this funny little world called Earth, certainly the happiest, most and worthiest fulfilling pursuit an individual is able to undertake is swallowing along to the films. Living with friends. Living with family. Having an amazing journey from the security of any cinema seat, flanked by like-minded fellow travellers.

The best evolution of art, science and entertainment, films combine the very best of books, layout, illustration, theatre and music, developing a single, deliciously superior experience that engages the brain, stirs the feelings and feeds the soul.

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The real question is – and it is not really a difficult one: Where is the very best place to visit a film? That of many available formats permit films to be themselves? On your small phones possibly? The rear of a plane seat? What about at home, by itself? But no, no & no. The ideal place to visit a film – naturally – is in the cinema.

First of all, there are the complex reasons. The screen is clearer and bigger in the cinema. The audio is louder and clearer. People are definitely more fragrant and appealing. Going to the cinema destroys 99.9 % of all the recognized germs and regular attendance will definitely prolong the life of yours, sometimes by years. Possibly.

Instead more abstract will be the feeling you receive when you are going towards the cinema. The increasing excitement. Then if you get there, smells, the sights, atmosphere.

We like the ritual of it. From strolling throughout the doors, queuing for the popcorn and soaking up the trailers, to dropping ourselves in a film, encompassed by the mates of ours, prior to whiling away the rest of the day debating each and every element of the knowledge. It is not much an activity as it’s a way of living.

We like the escape. We like the concentration you receive from relaxing in a darkened auditorium, prior to a dazzling shiny display screen, enrobed in swirly, mellifluous soundscapes.

Next there is the nostalgia. The joyful regression. The chance, each time we check out the cinema, to revisit the childhoods of ours. Though surely the knowledge has evolved through the years, in the majority of the ways that matter, it’s rarely changed at all.

What we like best however, we have saved until last: The collective knowledge. Films, such as life, are intended to be shared. We are not here alone, people. Experiences are certainly improved if you have them with fellow’ experiencees’.

If you remain in the deep, surrounded by the buddies of yours, and past them, relatable strangers, and also you all laugh, or maybe gasp, and cry in exactly the same time… That’s exactly what the cinema means to us. It means all. It’s the favourite place of ours in the globe.