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Top Reasons To Try Children’s Swimming Lessons

The swimming safety lessons that kids learn in their swimming lessons will be in their minds throughout their lives! But that’s just one positive effect they’ll experience. Below are the 16 different ways that swimming lessons can help kids achieve amazing results at pools and more!

1. Teaches Water Safety

All of our activities revolve around teaching kids how to be safe on and around the water. This is why we teach water safety in every lesson. We also begin teaching children life-saving swimming skills from the age of 4 months old!

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention drowning is still the most common reason for death from injuries for children aged 1-4 and is the second leading reason for death among children between the ages of 5-14. Although drowning prevention involves many layers of safety, swimming lessons have been found to decrease the chance that a child drowns by nearly 88 percent!

Even if you believe you kid “knows” about swimming ensure that you are able to say “yes” to each of these questions in determining if they could benefit from swimming lessons.

2. Offers Physical Fitness

Swimming can be a wonderful activity that keeps your children active and healthy throughout the year. Although the majority of people know that swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that is low-impact however, it can also provide many other health benefits like strengthening endurance, strength in balance, flexibility, and many more!

3. Improves the Cardiovascular Health

In terms of fitness and cardiovascular health, swimming is considered to be one of the most beneficial activities since it strengthens your lungs and your heart to function more effectively. This means that your heart won’t need to be as active to circulate oxygen and blood throughout your body.

4. Strengthens Lung Capacity

One of the most important aspects that swimmers are taught from the beginning is to control their breathing and, in turn, increases the capacity of their lungs. This helps oxygen flow through the body, and provides energy in a more efficient manner.

5. Enhances Endurance

Swimming is a game which exercises all muscle groups while enhancing cardio strength. This results in improved endurance and endurance – and also can lead to extraordinary results in every other sport!

6. Develops Muscle

During swimming lessons, your fish will be using muscle groups they haven’t experienced the chance to build otherwise. Every swim stroke they master will require various muscles to kick, pull and glide across the water.

7. Aids Digestion

It’s not necessary to be too specific however, our digestive system requires us to move in order to function properly, too. Swimming is a great way to allow things to open up and assist digestion in children. Imagine food as the shape of a marble, and imagine your child’s digestive system as the narrow long hallway that the marble has to move down.

8. Improves Sleep

Children seem to have unending quantities of energy. And although you’d expect them to get rid of it during their days, children require exercise for all of their muscles to be productive which is what swimming is ideal for!

9. The increase in energy

It may seem counterintuitive to think that swimming improves sleep and boost energy levels It’s actually true! The science we learned in class: An object that is at still remains in its place when that is in motion remains in motion. If your child sits at their computer or watching television throughout the day, it appears like all they want to do. But, encourage them to move for a short time and they’ll feel like they’re being active.

10. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

In addition to benefiting the body, but it’s proven to reduce stress as well.

If it’s the calming sensation floating in the water, or simply sliding, being in water can be a relaxing experience for the majority of people. But that’s not all the reason to consider swimming to help relieve stress.

When people are physically active in their lives, they tend to be more relaxed and happier. It’s because exercise produces endorphins (the body’s natural feel-good chemicals) and lowers the hormone cortisol (the stress hormone).Therefore swimming around the pool for a few minutes will get your blood flowing and naturally fills the body and mind with positive feeling.

11. Enhances Memory

Exercise can also help strengthen parts of our brain connected to recall and education. So, when your kids learn to master the backstroke, breaststroke butterfly and freestyle consider all the good things it’s doing not only for their bodies, but also for their minds.

12. Helps to Improve Academic Performance

The foundation of the development of a child’s brain is founded on two primary elements: a secure environment and learning through playing. According to a study conducted by Griffith University, kids that start swimming at an early age reach physical and mental milestones prior to their peers. It’s thought that the style of instruction and the sensory learning children receive at an early age at a 兒童游泳班 can be easily transferred into the kind of learning they’ll experience in school.

13. Develops Motor Skills

Swimming, particularly at an early age is scientifically proven to lead to improved performance in the areas of visual motor and oral expression among children less than five. In fact an Norwegian University of Science and Technology study showed that babies who attended swimming lessons had improved balance and motor skills at the beginning of lessons, up to age of five.

14. Enhances Concentration

Swimming requires a lot of coordination, not just physically, but also mentally. It’s all about arm and leg pulls, as well as breath control, which doesn’t give any room for other things. In the end, children focus on developing their swimming skills and begin seeing amazing outcomes – realizing that focus is a key factor in their performance!

15. Develops Character

Water safety is an essential skill children acquire during swimming lessons However, did you know swimming also teaches your kids valuable life lessons? While they master various swimming movements and safety methods they’ll also learn about perseverance, hard work, resilience and much more!

16. Enhances confidence

We all know that children are slightly anxious about swimming, and also new experiences. It isn’t easy for swimmers who are new to the pool to release the wall and do those first few pushes and kicks to the opposite end of the pool.

We’ve put together an environment that is safe and inviting where children can overcome their fears and master the art of swimming and be respectful of the water, and have a blast in the process. Every time they kick and stroke the kids build confidence in their own abilities and self-confidence. every little win adds up to a huge feeling of satisfaction.

In the end, it’s one huge pool that is filled with lessons that push us to the edge as well as change us and push us out of our comfort zones. We’re here to provide kids with the confidence to jump in and help them develop the life skills that they’ll need to stand out in the water and beyond!