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Three types of Leaving Certificate examinations

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This Leaving Certificate examination is most often referred to as the Leave Cert. It’s the exam that is that secondary school students take which determines which college a student is eligible to attend college. The certificate of leaving is a two-year process to prepare for and takes place during the sixth and fifth grades of the secondary schools. This article we will discover the answer to “What’s the Leave Certificate What is the Leaving Certificate?’ as well as the three different types of programs that are available.

What is the purpose of the Leaving Certificate?

Understanding how to answer the query “What is the Exam for the Leaving Certificate The Leaving Certificate?’ will help you comprehend the nature of the exam and the significance of it. The majority of students in the senior cycle taking exams such as the Leaving Certificate examination are between 16 to 19. The State Examinations Commission oversees state examinations. A majority of students sit for the exams every year for the Leaving Certificate. Students in the senior cycle tend to opt for the well-established Leaving Certificate programme. It is a two-year program which covers a broad range of topics.

It is possible to study these subjects at a more advanced or normal level, based on your ability. Mathematical as well as Irish is the sole two subject students can learn at a foundational level. This level meets the needs of students who struggle or struggle to learn maths or Irish at the higher or standard level.

Three types of Leaving Certificate examinations

When a student is finished with the junior cycle program after which they can transition into the final cycle. The majority of students who move into the senior cycle are aged between 15 and 19, however, it’s important to remember that the Leaving Certificate isn’t on offer only to second-level students. The most popular programs available for students who are during the senior cycle are:

1. Leaving Certificate Established

Students who take part in the Leaving Certificate Established programme normally decide to take at least six or seven subjects to pass the exam. In the Leaving Certificate programme, it’s mandatory to take at minimum five subjects, the first among them is Irish. When a student decides which subjects they want to take to earn the leaving Certificate It is essential that they note the subjects they might need to complete the courses at third level they’d like to pursue.

For instance, there’s an entry minimum requirement for students who want to attend any of the universities which make up of the National University of Ireland of six subjects, which include Irish, English and a third language, of which two are level C or higher on higher-level exam paper.

Programme subjects

The Leaving Certificate Established programme consists of 36 subjects which are accessible to all schools and are usually taken by students who are either at an ordinary or higher level. However, there is a slight exception to this in that two subjects that are mathematics and Irish which are open to learn at the level of foundation. Here is a comprehensive list of subjects that students can take part for the Certificate of Leaving Certificate. In addition to these subjects The State Examinations Commission provides examinations in any recognized language in the European Union, where they consider the need to:

Languages: English, German, Latin, Spanish, Irish, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Hebrew studies, Classical studies, Greek, Japanese, French

Science: Physics, Chemistry Biology, mathematics, chemistry and applied mathematics

Business studies: Economics accounting, accounting business

applied science Computer studies study of construction and physical education house economics, engineers communication and design graphics agriculture science

social studies, music, geography, religion, education, history, politics , and art and society

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Assessment and examinations

A brand new grade system that will be used for the Leaving Certificate Established occurred in 2017. The new scale of grading includes 8 grades with the most prestigious grade being grade 1 with the lowest being an 8 grade. The new grading system of eight points replaces the 14-point grade system, both at the ordinary or higher level. Marks ranging from 30% to 100% are contained in seven grades. Each grade band is 10percent wide. The new grade system will mean that the CAO will have to alter to the Common Points Scale to determine the eligibility criteria for admission to the majority of higher education institutions.

2. Leave Certificate Accepted

The Leaving Certificate Applied course has three areas of study:

professional preparation includes the use of communications, business, and experience

general education provides students with the ability to acquire life skills, language social and cultural education, leisure, and the arts

vocational education helps students develop their skills and knowledge in a specific field

Course structure

Each of the courses in the Certificate of Leaving Certificate Applied is comprised of multiple modules. Each module is completed over the course of a half school year. It is the Leaving Certificate Applied programme also offers students a variety of classes to select from. Many of these courses are referred to as vocational specializations.

Assessments and exams

The Leaving Certificate Applied entails a final written examination and an ongoing assessment that continues throughout the duration of the program. The following subjects comprise the final test :

communication and English

Minimum of two vocational specializations

Mathematical applications

social education


The assessment portion in the Leaving Certificate Applied programme occurs after a student has completed each module and the practical tasks that are required to expose students to test what they’ve learned from various classes. Every language subject has exams in both oral and written and vocational specialism classes require a practical test. All written exams are held at the beginning of June, and at exactly the time of exams for the Leaving Certificate Established programme examinations.

The certificate was awarded

Students who have succeeded in successfully completing this Leaving Certificate Applied programme receive the Leave Certificate through the Department of Education. The certificate is awarded at three levels of distinction:

Pass 60-69 percent 120-139 credits

The Merit Score: 70-84%. 140-169 credits

The Distinction is 85-100%. 170-200 credits

3. Vocational Vocational Course Leaving Certificate

The goal in the Leaving Certificate Vocational Course also known as LCVP is to put an intense focus on the professional aspect. It consists of regular Leaving Certificate subjects, along with three additional link courses which are mandatory. These are modules that prepare students for work as well as work experience and enterprise education. Students who want to complete this Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme take at least five Leaving Certificate subjects, one for a language module that is continental or Irish.

The modules that link to the Vocational Program for Leaving Certificates are based on activity. The modules typically comprise an average of two to three classes every week, with the leaving Certificate subject comprising between four and five classes per week. The best program for your needs is essential in making the final decision about the course you will take.

Subject groups

There are two subject groups for the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme subject groups are designed to group the regular Leaving Certificate subjects together that complement one another. It is a requirement in the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme that students choose two subjects from each of these groups. There are two categories:

Specialist groups The subjects covered contains information that is useful and connected to each other.

Groupings of Services The subjects could be useful from a business or commercial perspective.

Assessment and examinations

The Vocational Program for Leaving Certificates includes two examination areas. The examination of the basic Leaving Certificate subjects in the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme is similar to the traditional Leaving Certificate examination. A written exam that is 40% of the marks. The remainder of the marks come from the portfolio of the student’s academic work during the two years of the program.


Students who successfully complete this Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme receive the same certification as those who have completed their Leaving Certificate. Students who have completed the Vocational Course for Leaving Certificate will also be awarded an additional certificate. This certificate states that the student’s grades from the modules that they took. This additional certification is composed of three grades:

Pass 50-64 percent, 28 points

Merit Points points

Differentiation: 80-100% Distinction: 80-100%,