Why you need a van alarm system

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In the UK as an entire you will find more than 20,000 thefts from vans each year.

Those statistics look horrendous if you come across them. But of course, figures do not tell the entire story. Thefts from vans are able to wreck livelihoods and expense contractors thousands of pounds to switch stolen tools. Never to mention increases in the money and insurance premiums lost from not been equipped to work.

It’s wise then for those companies and contractors to make sure the vehicles of theirs are as safe as they can.

In many facets of life prevention is much better compared to cure. That is absolutely true concerning thefts from vans. Stopping the thieves is simpler and less costly than struggling to address the aftermath.

Security strategies for stopping thefts from vans

The best part is you can prevent numerous thefts. A car built with high-quality locks and the very best van alarm system will prevent most thieves. But there are additionally other measures you are able to take to lessen the risk of theft.

Set up the very best van security locks. A’ skilled’ crook is able to break into a car in under 2 minutes. Additional locks are going to reduce the risks of them succeeding. Adding heavy locks to the doors are going to provide additional protection. You must additionally consider fitting deadlocks. These easy locks can be quite effective as they do not focus on exactly the same system as the standard door locks. Talking of which.

Slam locks are one more line of defence. They are best as they automatically secure the vans doors when shut. These locks are particularly helpful for delivery drivers who continuously park and leave the vehicle of theirs.

Empty the van at night. That is simple for me to point out. At times it simply is not practical. Particularly when working at bay. But taking away anything of worth from a van parked immediately is a smart precaution.

Have more van alarms fitted. The vehicle of yours will by now possess a factory alarm. But consider updating with an aftermarket van alarm system. Every level of protection helps so we are able to suggest you which the most effective alarms for the vehicle of yours are. Having the perfect van alarm system won’t just protect your equipment and tools. It is able to stop a thief driving away with the van itself. All of the more reason to update the vans alarm of yours.

Park in a well lit region. If you’ve a compound this is simple enough to arrange. But in case you are a contractor and park the van of yours at home ensure that it stays in a locked and protected garage. When there is absolutely no storage area and also you have to park the van in the wide open make sure there’s a minimum of a motion triggered floodlight.
Do not let the guide of yours down.

Thieves do not just strike at night. Keep the van locked. Quite possibly throughout the day when on site. Generally close most windows. Plus, no matter just how remote the place, never go out of the secrets in the ignition.
Fit a tracker

Often despite the most effective precautions’ thieves are able to succeed. Or maybe it might be as easy as you forgetting to secure the doors or even set the alarm.

Matching a GPS tracker is able to help retrieve a stolen vehicle. If the automobile is shot a tracker will not stop the theft of tools. But at the very least it provides you’ve a possibility of recovering a pricey van.


The probabilities of recovering stolen resources is slim to non existent. The police are not likely to be help that is lots of. They’re under resourced and therefore are not likely to check out the theft. They’ll most likely just go so far as supplying you with a crime number. Well then it boils down to insurance.

You do have to ensure you’ve a strong insurance policy. The policy of yours should cover all the risk of yours. The most significant factor is usually to make certain the policy covers the items in the van which includes all equipment and tools. In case you transport goods make certain the policy addresses you for damage.

Naturally, among the problems about insurance will be the price. And in case you are unlucky adequate to need to claim on the policy of yours it is inevitable the premiums of yours will boost following year.
Do not feed the fire

Lastly, thieves would not target vans if there was not a market for all the tools they steal. Do not supply them with a marketplace. By no means buy next hand tools unless they’re from an established dealer. Be extremely weary of auction websites.