Guide to choosing interior door handles and knobs

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Every room needs inner door handles and knobs that’re selected very carefully. We glance at the different styles and types you are able to pick from and also how you can finish any interior design with the correct door handles and knobs.

Inner doors serve as separators and entry points between various living areas, and therefore are a functional and essential feature inside any property. A modern four bedroom house might typically boast between eleven and eighteen internal doors, though this figure is able to reach much higher, particularly in more mature plus more conventional properties.

No door is done with no appropriate door furniture as well as the choice of handles or maybe door knobs you are making is a subtle, but essential detail. They behave as jewellery for an area, helping tie together various design components and aiding the organic flow with the property, from place to place.

Even though they might be a physically small item, one you choose must sit well within the complete design scheme. The hardware has to be ideal for carrying out a crucial function day-to-day, along with being fit for goal.

You will find scores of choices with regards to size, design and type, and you will wish to find the style which will complement your property the best. Exactly where do you begin?

We have come up with a handy guide to several of the most favored door hardware and what they’re most suited for, together with advice on function, everything and finish else you have to check.

The best door furniture must be chosen.

Unless you intend to utilize a bunch of specific statement handles all over the home, you’re likely to end up aiming for a quality of uniformity across the home.

It is beneficial to begin by looking at your project in its entirety and thinking about the place it may be better to use the very same form of door and handle. Additionally, plan in which you might need something a bit different, however in a matching style and if there are some places where a bespoke, declaration manage might be required.
What about lever handles or even knobs?

One of the leading decisions you’ve to make is if you should use door knobs or maybe door handles. There are simple and plain styles readily available for each, together with much more flamboyant and decorative choices.

The door knobs are a favorite option for time properties. Along with the innovations which have been made in material, design and style, they are able to likewise create an appealing feature within both contemporary and modern residences.

Those with various levels of dexterity and strength may benefit from the greater grip offered by door lever manages. You will find numerous different finishes and designs to pick from, with options suitable for each style of property. They are going to appear much more contemporary than door knobs.

The last decision might come right down to individual preference, and will often be driven by appearance and who the end user is apt to be.

Whenever choosing door handles & knobs, what you should check.

Many different kinds of interior design plus structure will benefit from specific designs of manages and knobs.

A big ornate brass back plate and curved brass handle could be discovered in a period house. An urban loft conversion could be much better suited to minimalist, black or chrome handles, or maybe bespoke statement handles.
There’s a door design and finish.

The finish and style of the home is a crucial element to think about when deciding on door handles and knobs.


Panelled doors can be discovered in heritage or even listed buildings, in which doors have to match pre existing doors or even planning guidelines have to be met. The panels could be lifeless or raised, with 6 or 4 panelled doors being a favorite option for classic properties.


Both contemporary and traditional properties are able to look good with boarded doors. Cottage style is ideal for cottages and also barn conversions, but is additionally frequently present in contemporary properties and new builds also.

It was veneered.

There are veneered doors which come with an outer layer applied giving them a good wood look. Ash, maple, ebony, cherry, beech, oak & walnut are good examples of finishes. Various varieties of wood veneer will normally do the job greater with various deal with and also door knob finishes, based on their personal appearance and colouring.

It was painted.

It’s likely to produce a fashionable look with painted finishes and also may be considered a cost-effective option. The choices include slight greys and creams, through to statement blues along with greens.

Furniture for various other areas in the door.

One issue to look into is how you are going to manage rooms with plenty of cabinets and doors, like the kitchen. In the room, there could be different pieces of furniture, like pre-made wardrobes & drawer units.

In case you are using door knobs in your primary doors, you might want to utilize a typical design throughout as well as throughout all door fittings – or at best to select something complementary. You can use handles that create a statement and create a contrast. Precisely the same knob or lever which can be used all over the home is progressively getting used-to open common doors of the wardrobes.

Make sure you do not have a total mismatch, as this is going to impact on how helpful your general design scheme is.

In order to make certain you select the best excellent handles or maybe knobs for the anticipated end user, there are several important practical and purposeful considerations you have to generate.

For example:

Exactly how heavy would be the doors? What hinges will likely be expected to bear the excess weight?
Just how many doors will probably be worn? Can it be simple for those users?
Will everybody in the property be ready to work with the handle? Can they be suitable for the young and elderly?
Will anybody be equipped to get their hands across the door knobs without banging on the doorstep stops?