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Best Pillow with Ear Hole in the Middle for Ear Pain

Are you experiencing aches and pains in the neck, ears, and head? Your pillow could be to blame, believe it or not. There’s an easy way to fix this problem. Upgrade to a pillow that has ear holes indentations for a better night’s sleep.
Are you experiencing aches and pains in the neck, ears, and head? Your pillow could be the culprit, believe it or not. There’s an easy fix if that is the case. Upgrade to a pillow that has ear holes indentations for a better night’s sleep.

Why choose a pillow with ear holes?

A simple solution to earaches that wake you up is to use an earhole pillow. The solution is simple.

Let’s take a look at it.

Great for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers require pillows that are specifically designed to support their necks and head while they sleep.

An average human head weighs between 10 and 11 pounds. This is roughly equivalent to a bowling ball’s size and weight. If you lie on your back, you are effectively putting the entire weight of a bowling ball on one ear for the whole night.

This is one way to solve the problem. A hole in your pillow is a good idea. You can sleep on your side while still enjoying the comfort of a pillow with a hole.

Great for CNH

Side sleepers who are long-term may experience more than a few earaches. If the ears are repeatedly abused, it is possible for chondrodermatitis nudularis helicis to develop. This condition is also known as Winkler’s disease.

These small, white bumps appear in the ears and are often painful. These bumps can be painful and sensitive. These nodules can even start to scab in some cases.

There’s no need to say thank you.

This condition can be prevented by not sleeping on one side of the bed every night. It can be difficult to change your sleeping position. These cases may be resolved by switching to a special chondrodermatitis helicis pillow instead of a standard one. These pillows have a small indentation that you can place your ears on. This placement ensures you don’t put your entire head on your ear. What is the result? There are fewer chances to develop CNH.

Allows Better Airflow

During rest, the human body experiences many physical changes. One of these changes is: One of those changes is that our body temperature drops, making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep while we are hot. A pillow with ear holes can help improve airflow so you can rest comfortably.

Top 5 Pillows With a Hole

Are you unsure where to begin? It’s not a problem. So you can make an informed decision about which option is right for you, we’ve gathered the top options available.

The Mono Pillow

The Mono Pillow is now your best friend. This pillow is handmade in England and features a hole that’s perfectly shaped to relieve pressure. This pillow is not only outstanding for its unique shape, but it’s also a great pillow.

The included pillowcase is made from moisture-wicking cotton. This cushion makes it easier to stay cool while you sleep. You can also remove the filling from the pillow, which allows you to adjust its thickness to your preference.

This cushion is perfect for anyone looking to relieve CNH, post-surgery healing or speed up the healing time of a newly pierced ears. This pillow is loved by hospitals all over the U.K. The manufacturer suggests that this pillow be used in addition to your regular pillows. In other words, it should be placed on top of your regular pillow.

Best Full-Body Pillow

Duro-Med Side Sleeper Body Pillow

The Duro-Med body pillows are great for side sleepers. This cushion is a special type of cushion that not only relieves pressure on the ears but also supports the neck and arms, helping to alleviate pain. The unique J-shaped design is what makes it possible.

The J-shape body pillows are designed to stabilize the body and provide adequate support for the head while you sleep. What is the result? The result? No muscle straining throughout the night, which means that you will not feel any pain when you wake up in the morning. This is just the beginning. This pillow has a small hole to prevent pressure from being applied to your ears while you sleep. This means that you will have fewer earaches when you wake up.

The Key Features

Polyester Filling
Cotton-polyester Blended Cover
Cover that can be machine washed

Great for CPAP Users

PureComfort Side Sleeping, CPAP Pillow

There’s nothing better than one! Two! Two divots are included in this pillow for increased airflow and pressure relief. This pillow is ideal for those who sleep hot or with CNH. This cushion is also suitable for CPAP users, since its indentations allow tubing and masks to sink comfortably.

It doesn’t end there. You can remove the plush inserts and adjust the height of your pillows as you wish. The bamboo cover wraps everything in a soft and moisture-wicking fabric that can be thrown in the washer for easy cleaning. It doesn’t get any better when it comes to pillows.

The Key Features

Memory Foam Filling
Bamboo Cover
Adjustable Height

Best price

As Seen on TV MKYUHP Side Sleeper pillow

There are many specialty pillows that can be used to relieve discomfort caused by conditions such as CNH. Most of these pillows are not affordable for the majority of people due to their high price tags. This is not true.

The ergonomic pillow is designed to be used by side sleepers and comes at a remarkable low price, in an industry saturated with high-end bedding. This pillow-based solution for earache problems could be the answer many have been looking for from MKYUHP.

The Key Features

Polyester Silk
Machine washable
Ergonomic Design


Most frequent questions
Is a pillow able to cause earache?

The short answer is yes, an earache can be caused by a pillow, especially if it’s positioned on one side.

The long answer: If you don’t use the right pillow, sleeping on your back can cause earache. Why? Your head is roughly the same size as a bowling ball. You can effectively place the bowling ball’s weight on one of your ears every night by laying on your side. It’s not surprising that side sleepers experience ear pain.

Consistently sleeping on one side can cause ear pain. For example, some people may develop Winkler’s Disease (chondrodermatitis nosularis helicis), which is a condition that causes a painful lump or nodule to form on their ear. It usually develops on the ear where someone most often sleeps.
What is a CNH Pillow?

CNH is chondrodermatitis helicis. Also known as Winkler’s disease, it refers to chondrodermatitis. CNH is characterised by a painful lump in one ear. This happens most often when the body is constantly sleeping on one side.

CNH pillows are designed to relieve pain from this condition by directing agonizing pressure away form the affected ear. These pillows can be used to prevent CNH in people who don’t have it yet.
What pillow is best for ear pain?

Each person will have a different answer. A specialty pillow with ear holes is a good choice to relieve ear pain. They prevent the ears from being put under too much pressure all night.
What pillow is best for side sleepers?

Side sleeping is the most likely position to cause earache. This means you rest your whole head on one side of your ears throughout the night.

Side sleepers who wake up frequently with earaches might benefit from a pillow that has a hole in its middle. This design allows for less pressure to be placed on the ears.

Side sleepers should choose a medium-firm pillow with a height equal to their head and shoulder.
Last Thoughts

It is not fun to wake up in the morning with earache. There are many ways to alleviate this problem. The easiest solution is to use a pillow that has a hole. This will not only decrease your chance of developing CNH but also make you feel cooler at night. It’s a win/win situation!
If you are:

Are at-risk of developing serious conditions such as CNH
Side sleeper
You can easily overheat while you are resting.
A CPAP machine is recommended.

These pillows might not be right for you if:

You should sleep primarily on your stomach.
You should sleep mainly on your back, and not on a CPAP machine.