Top 5 Lightning Interview Questions for Admins

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Some Tricky Questions to ask

Looking for a brand new Lightning Admin or Developer is not a simple undertaking, but understanding what lightning interview questions to ask during an interview has never ever been a lot more vital. the company of yours is taking on which would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars in danger to make certain you receive the perfect candidate for your organization.

Question one: How can you include a brand new or even existing field on the screen in lightning?

Answer: Same fashion as in traditional, you visit the item, select page layouts, choose the correct format and add the area in the correct location or portion requested and desired.

WHY: What this does is it informs you of if the candidate in front individuals has ever actually worked with lightning. This particular issue should not be stumbled over and any creator or maybe administrative, including 1 with little experience must respond to this with ease.

Question two: Lightning has objects which represent record layouts, what exactly are they called and where can they be established?

Answer: The lightning layouts belong in the Lightning Record Pages

Lightning record Pages are discovered in setup Object Manager <