Reasons Motion Graphics Help You Connect With People

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We are huge fans of motion graphics. It is not since they are pretty or even feature cool animations. It is since they are a distinctive way to communicate. They mix the very best of obvious communication with motion storytelling and also sound to generate an engaging piece of content which helps brands share the story of theirs, reach individuals in ways that are different, and also show the information of theirs in a strong package. (That’s the reason we believe they should be in each and every content marketers’ mix.)
Excellent, But What exactly are Motion Graphics?

There may be some confusion relating to this format. Can they be movies? Can they be cartoons? Essentially, a motion graphic is our industry’s term for animated video. They could be GIFS., 3D renderings, or 2d animations They might incorporate audio, voiceover, or maybe good effects. They might likewise include technology like 360 degree video, Virtual Reality, or maybe Augmented Reality. Though you are probably most accustomed to them as animated videos.

How can Motion Graphics Help Brands?

A proper content strategy from galera agency has a blend of content, e-books, infographics, including articles, and much more. But there is no questioning people tend to be more plus more keen on video. Additional media platforms support video, along with individuals are visiting choose – if not expect – info to be shipped in that package. (According to some 2014 Levels Beyond survey, forty % of customers stated they’d prefer to view a brand video than read through the identical information.)

For marketers, this’s an exciting chance to enjoy motion graphics. Regardless of the communication of yours needs, you will find loads of uses for motion pictures at all touchpoints.

Classic ads: Online or perhaps television commercials (regional or national).
Promo videos: Viral videos, testimonials, case studies, product reviews – anything that publicizes your brand and work. Could be advertorial or even editorial.
Explainer videos: Introductions, overviews, processes, training for products, services, and suggestions.
Culture advertising videos: Content to showcase the brand name of yours, individuals, and reasons.
Community videos: Content to interact with followers on social – Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Might be pure or educational entertainment. (According to Tubular Insights, forty six % of customers stated they have produced a purchase as an outcome of seeing a brand footage on social media.)
Sales collateral: Company information, product information, or maybe something that a sales force frequently communicates. (Turning that information into a motion graphic should help save energy.) and time

The five Biggest Benefits of Motion Graphics

The thing that makes motion graphics so unique? It is a mix of both the things they’re doing for the person and the way they enable you to tell the brand story of yours.

One) They are Emotionally Captivating

Beyond being attention-grabbing, motion pictures affect the emotions of ours; it is really a natural effect. Because of the trend of mental contagion, we quickly empathize with and mirror the feelings of the experiences we come across depicted on a screen. (That’s exactly why you experience bodily fear in a horror film or maybe pleasure in a rom-com.)

When you’re telling psychological stories, motion graphics provide numerous tools to help you speak. Moody music, powerful voiceover, and visuals that are stunning are able to all work in concert to create an impactful story. (On that note, motion graphics will provide you with much more control over the way you tell a story than some other video formats; live action productions depend on things as actors, etc., weather, sets, that make it more difficult to manage outcome. With movement, in case it is on the storyboard, you are able to do it.)

Two) They Distill Information for quick Comprehension

Visual communication is very successful since it targets the way the brain processes information of yours. In reality, visual processing is almost instant. (A 2014 MIT study discovered you are able to process visual info within thirteen milliseconds.) That is the reason a lot of things are simpler to learn when you are able to “see” them. Through visual storytelling, motion graphics help decompose complex info, giving you the message clearly and simply. This’s particularly useful for:

Tutorials: Motion graphics are excellent any time you have to show, not only tell – extremely ideal for explainer videos.
Processes: How does something work? What is the meditation process? Motion graphics are a good way for breaking it down.
Data visualization: Data which appears impenetrable and dense can be brought to life through visualization.
Abstract concepts: Motion graphics are a fantastic tool to describe, provide context, and explain info.

Three) They are a passive experience

Tubular Insights accounts that consumers invest around six hours each week watching video content on social media networks. It is not surprising. All of us recall the reason we had been very glad whenever a substitute teacher put on a video recording in class; it meant we did not need to lift a finger. Motion graphics will be the exact same. Viewers do not need to flip through, explore data, or perhaps put in a lot of psychological energy. They simply need to press play and sit back. (Remember that most of customers prefer to view than read.) Whenever you have to supply a contained message, doing this with motion graphics will allow it to be much easier for viewers to ingest it.
Four) They are often Repurposed

Now that societal and media platforms support video, you are able to disseminate the motion pictures of yours in several locations and in ways that are many, helping extend the lifecycle of a plan. You may break down a video to produce content tailored for particular groups. You may add the motion of yours graphic to a presentation or even e-book. With evergreen topics or even explainer videos, you’ve a portion of well designed piece of interaction which can be beneficial for a long time.

Five) They are Great When You are Short on Time

Most motion graphics are thirty seconds to three minutes in length, which is unbelievably helpful whenever you have to make an effect ASAP. (This is particularly helpful on social. Based on a 2015 Facebook study, actually seeing under ten seconds of a video is able to help boost brand awareness and develop buy intent.) By combining visuals and sound, motion graphics help make the maximum of humans’ information processing capabilities, allowing you to say even more with less content. What might be describe in a 1,500-word article is displayed in a minute. A complex process could be visually explained in fifteen seconds. Their inherently visible nature additionally tends to make motion graphics helpful in case you’re in an atmosphere in which you cannot depend on audio (e.g., a chaotic trade show floor).