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Mt Toubkal Climb


Ascend the rocky monster of Jebel Toubkal, North Africa’s highest mountain at 4167m
Excellent intro to winter trekking with crampons and ice axe training provided
Discover traditional Berber villages as well as encounter the way of theirs of life
Experience pretty traditional Amazigh communities enroute and understand the customs of theirs
Remain on the summit and soak up the panoramic view of the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and also the locations with enclosed them for centuries
Enjoy delicious home made Moroccan dishes during your mountain adventure
Chance to further examine the colourful and vibrant city of Marrakech Private bubble trips for groups more than six other people.


Starting from bustling labyrinth of Marrakech you are going to venture into the center of the High Atlas Mountains to get North Africa’s highest peak, Mount Toubkal at 4167m. This extraordinary mountain range offers several of probably the most stunning winter trekking in the community!

Winter weather is a good moment to undertake a Mount Toubkal 3 day trek in the Toubkal National Park as it comes with a real winter mountaineering experience. The mountains are almost deserted aside from the friendly local Berbers and fellow mountaineering enthusiasts. You will have sufficient time to study the practices of theirs and really enjoy hearty home cooked dishes during this epic mountain adventure. The ideas on the right way up are stunning, though almost nothing compares to what you will notice (and feel) at the top. From the summit of Toubkal you are going to experience spectacular 360 degree panoramic views that extend across the rocky Atlas ranges and also southwards to The Sahara and jebel Sahro Desert.

Mt Toubkal winter ascent is excellent intro to winter trekking plus Morocco is a great alpine mountaineering location directly on the doorstep of yours. Whilst not really a technical climb, the usage of crampons and also ice axe are needed on many journeys and you are going to learn and also apply these abilities before summit day.

Mount Toubkal has captivated mountaineers for centuries. The ascent of yours up the rocky monster of North Africa isn’t any picnic, but is available to any person in condition that is very good and also starved for a thrilling mountain adventure in crisp mountain air.

Several of the ethical features lodged in our Mt Toubkal Winter Trek are:

Making use of neighborhood crew that are competent Guides, support crew and motorists that are almost all experienced and knowledgeable extremely
Staying in smaller scale locally owned accommodation
Buying locally grown beverage and foods, and dining in locally owned restaurants
Minimising plastic waste materials wherever possible
Free Water-to-Go Bottle awarded to each and every trekker to help you eliminate our plastic footprint
Careful management of limited water and power resources
Offering true life experiences which promote cross cultural understanding
Running with a’ leave absolutely no trace’ ethos – bring just memories, leave only footprints