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Everything you need to know about a Sahara Desert Tour

A lot of tourists use a Sahara desert trip on the Morocco wish list of theirs. Nevertheless, quickly the questions begin to pop up.

Planning your Morocco Sahara desert trip it could be relatively overwhelming. How can you know exactly where to start when every single tour claims its only one of the greatest Morocco desert tours?

If you are within the first stages of preparing your Morocco desert adventures and wanting to know just how better to organize your Morocco desert traveling, then you are going to discover this particular Sahara Desert vacation guide extremely useful. On this page I am planning to cover off on all of the essentials that you have to learn about Morocco desert trips including:

The ideal spot to begin your Sahara Desert Morocco tour;
Anywhere in the Sahara to visit;
What’s the greatest time of year to attend among the Sahara tours;
Just how many times to pay for your Sahara trip;
What to expect in terminology of Morocco desert tour rates and what you should expect at various price points;
What to pack for the Morocco desert vacation; and finally Some suggestions on Sahara tours as well as travels with kids.

Hopefully after looking over this manual and that includes all there’s knowing about the Sahara Desert tours Morocco gives, you will stay in a far better place to book among the best Morocco desert excursions that is only perfect for you.

Morocco Desert Tours: How to start and Where you can go?

Among the very first items you have to determine for the Sahara Desert travel is what part of the Sahara will you contact as well as where are you going to commence the trip of yours to Sahara.

You will find 2 primary deserts that tourists go to in Morocco for their Sahara Desert holiday – either the Merzouga Desert or maybe the Zagora Desert and often tourists commence the tour of theirs from either Fez or Marrakech. We are going to discuss both these points even further below.
Sahara Desert near Merzouga

Merzouga tours would be the most favored Sahara tours, with Merzouga being situated around the favorite Erg Chebbi sand dunes. The dunes at Erg Chebbi are richer and taller in color and then the dunes commonly found near Zagora making them a more sought after location.

Probably the largest benefit of Merzouga desert tours, are the city is directly on the edge of the amazing Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Furthermore, the city is filled with contemporary hotels and you are able to quickly get to the sand dunes with a brief thirty minute camel ride. This will make a Merzouga desert trip relatively simple and ideal and convenient for individuals short promptly or not wanting getting far from the beaten track.

Nevertheless, it’s closeness to the sand dunes, could be also its down fall. Being much more popular, it is likely to be costly and it definitely can get active with plenty of tourists.

Merzouga can be found roughly nine hours drive from Marrakech or maybe seven hours’ drive from Fez. In case you’re joining among the Marrakech combat tours, you are going to need to allow no less than 2 nights and 3 times as you’ll prevent overnight on how there.


Zagora is situated in the southern portion of Morocco and is situated near the Erg Chigaga sand dunes. These sand dunes are located several sixty km from the closest street therefore the trek to see them will take a lot more next to check out the sand dunes from Merzouga.

In order to reach Zagora, you have to first get to the little city of M’hamid. From right here it is a very lengthy trek through rugged desert terrain before arriving at the Erg Chigaga sand dunes.

It is also essential to be aware that the Zagora desert isn’t the orange as desert you may imagine – this’s a stone desert, that has a more moon as appearance. And so for this purpose (as well as taking much longer to reach) it can often be much less well known compared to Merzouga and additionally tends to remain with the spending budget traveller or even for people who like getting off of the beaten track.

Zagora can be found roughly six hours drive from Marrakech or maybe 9.5 hours’ drive from Fez (with no stops).

Exactly where to Commence?

The most used place to commence Sahara Desert trips is from Marrakech. Generally this’s because Marrakech is the capital of Morocco and where many individuals commence the journey of theirs. Nevertheless, you are able to check Sahara Desert from Fes. Simply remember that provided the Marrakech Desert trips are much more common, there are lots of additional choices from here.

A really well-known route is doing a Marrakech to Fes desert tour. And so begin the trip of yours in Marrakech and after your Sahara desert safari move onto Fez – or perhaps vica versa.
Just how many Days to Permit a Morocco Sahara Tour?

Because of the huge level of driving necessary to visit either Zagora or Merzouga and no matter whether you see from Fez or Marrakech, expect a really full day of getting back and there. Because of this, it is not feasible to do a Marrakech or Fez desert day trip.

At a minimum you are able to do overnight Sahara trips from Fez or Marrakech, but for a Sahara Desert camp drive being beneficial you truly have to allow 2 to 3 nights. Actually accomplishing a 2 or maybe 3 night Sahara camping trip, a great part of the trip of yours will nonetheless only be traveling.

When you are beginning your Sahara Desert adventure in Marrakech and also just have the one evening accessible, the best bet of yours is visiting the better Zagora Desert. If the way you’ve 2 or maybe 3 nights you are able to quickly check out the spectacular orange sand dunes on the Merzouga Desert.

If you book a two or maybe three night tour, only double check that a minimum of 2 of the nights are actually invested in the desert. Several of the greater budget tours will invest only the 1 evening in the desert, whilst virtually any more nights is invested in a resort. Remaining 2 to 3 nights in the wasteland you are going to be ready to examine the wasteland at a more calm pace as well as take part in several events like going to local tribes, sand boarding, camel trekking and simply relaxing among the spectacular sand dunes.
Visiting the Agafay Desert

For those very short on time, Marrakech day excursions on the Agafay Desert is a great option. The Agafay Desert is set 40km southwest of Marrakesh and also features an approximate dry moon as landscape.

You will not get the amazing sand dunes like you are doing in Zagora or Merzouga, on this particular Marrakech day visit to the wasteland you will still have the chance to drive a camel across the wasteland – I simply want to reiterate however the Agafay Desert isn’t the Sahara Desert.

The Agafay Desert is additionally a great option in case you’re going to Morocco in the summer days. Many Morocco desert camp options close down for monthly or even 2 because of the intense potential risk and conditions associated with bringing folks to the wasteland during these weeks.

And so in case you are planning a Sahara Morocco tour in summer time, think about going to an Agafay desert camp just outside Marrakech alternatively exactly where it’ll nonetheless be sexy but camps remain open.
Should I DIY and Book a Guided Sahara Trip?

It is possible to go for a DIY Sahara excursion. You are able to often get an automobile and drive yourself with the sand dunes, or perhaps take a bus. On arrival you are able to arrange all of your personal activities and do precisely what you enjoy in the Sahara.

Nevertheless, with regards to camping in the Sahara, there are plenty of benefits with participating in among the desert Morocco tours, it far outweighs performing it all by yourself. Here are a few reasons you need to reserve among the Morocco Sahara Desert tours:

The very best Morocco desert trips tend to be inclusive and also include the transportation of yours from either Fez or Marrakech, activities, lodging and typically many if not most meals;
There’s much less chance of getting lost;
On a guided desert Morocco trip, the guide of yours is going to know all of the greatest places to stop for all those incredible photographs;
You are going to have much less problems with any language barriers;
You are able to reasonably sure of the safety of yours; and Overall you’ve higher risks of the whole trip going to prepare.

What sort of Sahara Desert Camp to Book – Budget, Luxury or Mid Range?

Today you’ve a concept of the place you would want visiting with your desert safari in Morocco and the number of days you’ve there, it is some time to begin working out whether you would like booking a budget, mid range or maybe luxury tour.

But before booking some tour, consult the Morocco desert tour business the next questions:

What’s in the quoted Sahara desert tour price? What’s not provided?
Do you really have tours during the moment you will be how and there hot is it? This’s one thing you are going to want to learn for summer months. Many operators don’t provide products in the summer days. There’s no cooling which is able to quickly attain between 100 110F throughout the day and mid 70’s at night.
Just where will you be stopping like the title of any specific hotels or riads?
If it’s not among the Morocco private desert tours, the number of different individuals is going together?
Are there any stops which have additional ideas or maybe tours that you need to look to spend?
What dishes will probably be paid out of pocket and what is the typical price?
When you do not wish to consume at the places stopped for dishes, are there other choices?
What exactly are the sleeping arrangements in the wasteland camp?
What’s the entire agenda of the trip, including stops, and occasions to show up and then leave the wasteland camp?
If you’ve some health problems, like a poor back (me!) ask if they’ve a back rest for the camel for additional support.