Your GRP Service Riser Partners

The RiserGrid system includes GRP Pultruded fibreglass structural account supports with GRP moulded anti slip grating for open risers and cut outs for services for riser floor covering. Utilized for open service risers, lift risers, riser voids and riser shafts. Including damp and dry risers mechanical as well as electrical solution risers. These are additionally referred to as Builders Work Holes for MEP. The GRP Riser Floors or Riser Decking uses the complying with benefits:

A totally bespoke system for offering insurance coverage for open solution risers that are Suitable for New develop & Reconditioned structure risers, Make your open Riser Safe.

All products are built from fibreglass (GRP) products, the most up to date modern-day products with a broad choice of advantages over traditional products and are suitable for Solution Riser Flooring.

Independent support profiles placed in any kind of location to support the Riser Grating.

Essentially any kind of service opening dimension can be provided for with a wide option of different panel dimensions that can be collaborated to cover the area to make the Service Riser Grills.

Can be pre-fabricated off site to permit basic installation of supports and bothering website without any cutting.

Sustains can be positioned to enable future suitable solutions to reduce the requirement for later re-positioning of assistances, to produce a total riser risk-free system.

Working with other trades, cut outs for services can be performed in conjunction with solutions being run.

Modifications can be made on the fly to the riser shaft flooring if late modifications are required (reducing required on site).