What To Consider When Choosing A Web Host

Selecting a web host for your site is a huge choice as it’s a great base to make certain the results of the company of yours. With the correct web host, you are able to significantly improve and boost your site performance. Choose wrongly and you will end up causing all sorts of headaches in addition to unnecessary expenses.

In this post, we are going to explore several of the factors that you have to consider when selecting a web hosting provider such as luxhosting.lu/ for the business of yours.

  1. Understand the requirements of the site of yours

A quick Google search is going to show you that you will find a lot of web host providers out there. But before you are able to actually look into any of them, you have to understand the requirements of the site of yours.

The initial step towards choosing the proper web host is to determine what your requirements are for the site of yours. Ask yourself questions like what website type am I building?, Do I wish to make use of WordPress?, or maybe Just how much traffic am I expecting?

Today, these questions might sound simple, but are in fact important.


Because the greater comprehensive you could be, the better it is going to be for determining which hosting provider will likely be directly because of the task. Going for WordPress? Consider a managed WordPress hosting provider. Creating an online shop? Look at hosting providers that specialize in eCommerce.

In case you are a complete beginner, here is a fast tip:

Always aim for a shared hosting program with a trusted organization.

Since shared hosting is easy and cheap to maintain, they’re the ideal choice for smaller and new sites. Additionally, they free you from worrying about backend problems such as for instance protection and routine maintenance and also allows you to concentrate on creating the site of yours.

  1. Consider server reliability/uptime scores

When Amazon went down for thirty minutes in 2013, it cost them $66,240 per minute in revenue.

Suffice to point out, staying online is really important for the site of yours and to be able to do that, you have to think about just how steady your web host provider is.

Today, you will find loads of server monitoring applications you are able to make use of tracking a web host but commonly, a glimpse at their uptime scores is much more than enough to make sure whether a web host is sound or perhaps not.

The business standard today at 99.95 % uptime and also anything below ninety nine % must be stayed away from. Naturally, premium users are going to offer much better server balance with a few managing 99.99 % uptimes or perhaps even better.

  1. The power to upgrade the server of yours

Hosting plans are available in all the sizes and shapes now but in case you are only getting started, chances are you will end up having a shared hosting plan.

When you do, then it is suggested you choose a provider which enables you to update your server in the future.

The reason being, even in case you choose a truly great shared hosting plan, there is still a cap on the information you’ve readily available. When your site grows larger and attracts larger traffic (above 30,000 unique visitors), then a shared hosting program won’t be sufficient to support everything bandwidth.

A hosting provider that enables you to upgrade the plan of yours is going to be a great deal more helpful than being forced to find a brand new host and migrating your whole website.

In case you are a newbie, here is a fast tip:

A VPS or perhaps dedicated server program has increased server resources when your site outgrows the shared hosting plan. Be on the search for web hosts that provides the freedom to scale up if your site requires it.

  1. Research the signup and renewal price

You will find two various rates which you have to understand with web hosts – the signup cost as well as the repair price.

In many instances, what you pay at first for a scheme may not be what you pay whenever you renew. In many cases, the renewal cost is going to be substantially higher based on just how much offers/discounts you are given.

Sadly, it is standard practice for hosting companies to hike up their renewal pricing and unless you plan to alter your web host each two to three years, there is absolutely no strategy to stay away from it.

Rather, make an effort to choose web hosts that’re affordable with their cost jumps (nothing above hundred %). For instance, if the signup cost was $5/mo, next it should not exceed $10/mo if you renew.

In case you are a newbie, here is a fast tip:

Generally check out the ToS of the net host on the policy of theirs for renewal rates. You are able to find their ToS typically at the homepage and a fast keyword search (renew or maybe renewal) should enable you to find it.

  1. Do they’ve your money back policy/free trial?

Making use of a web host is usually a pricey endeavour. Particularly in case you are only getting started and do not have a huge budget to work with.

That is the reason a hosting company that provides some kind of refund policy as well as free trial period could considerably help lower the expenses of yours.

With cost-free trials, you are able to easily try the hosting plan and opt out in case it does not match your website’s needs. Should things go wrong, selecting a hosting provider with great refund policies will ensure you do not lose an excessive amount of cash.

You will find several that ask a cancellation charge if you end your account during their trial periods. The best tip of ours is avoiding these providers. Rather, go for firms that provide money back guarantees with prorated refunds after the trial period of yours is over.

  1. Do they’ve the important features?

While most hosting companies offer all of the basic necessities for a site, you must always see whether they provide different important attributes such as one click installer, file supervisor, then DNS management.

One-click installer

A one click installer is a fantastic tool that will help you install uses like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc in a simple fashion. This is particularly beneficial in case you are not perfect with the technical elements of web creation.
.htaccess File Access

If you would like to make site wide administrative changes, you will to have the ability to use the.htaccess file. With it, you are able to modify and also change all kinds of variables including password authentication and management.


Most hosting provider is going to offer some kind of file manager which is likely to be very limited. With FTP/SFTP access, you are going to be ready to deal with and move a lot of documents on server safely.

In case you are a newbie, here is a fast tip:

You ought to ignore Disk Space and Data Transfer Capacity when you are only beginning.

Most shared hosting plans offer server resources (RAM and processing power) that is much more than enough for smaller sites. But with regards to bandwidth and storage, you are able to quickly utilize third party platforms like Imgur, YouTube, Google Doc, to manage the pictures of yours, videos, and documents

  1. Having backups for the site of yours

Backups are important for a site. Even with all of the security measures in the world, the website of yours will experience some sort of hack, virus, failure, or crash designed to get your site done, or maybe even worse, nuke it entirely.

That is exactly where a great backup policy is available in handy since you are able to always revert back to a functioning site should an accident occurs.

An excellent web host provider will be able to bring your complete website (or no less than a large chunk of it) with very minimal downtime to stay away from some substantial losses.

Several of the primary key questions that you may wish to question your web host about backups include:

Do they carry out average full backups?
Could you manually backup the site of yours via the control board?
Are you able to utilize programs to create car backups of your website?
Could you recover the backup files yourself and do you want the support staff members to get it done?

  1. The quality of customer service (live telephone) or chat

There’ll be occasions when you are confronted with a server issue that you cannot fix by yourself. This where a great customer support team is going to be crucial.

Preferably, you will wish to settle with a web hosting provider that provides you responsive and good support either via live chat or perhaps phone. The way, you are able to instantly resolve your site issues.

Investigation on a web hosting provider’s support staff reviews both on social networking platforms like Facebook and on boards to find a much better idea of the caliber of the support team of theirs.