Types of Woodworking Machines

Combination Machines
International Woodworking Machines with several processes, ideal for artisans, fans of DIY and also for who wish to make furniture or wood items by themselves

Combination Device Universe Criterion

A tiny woodworking combination machine. It’s identified by an extremely budget-friendly rate, as well as is suitable for those who are approaching for the very first time to the do it your self woodworking as it is a simple device to make use of. In spite of being a tiny auto carries out as lots of as 6 different processes. He plans light weight aluminum and is small and also completely CE.
This Woodworking device has a thickness planer of 154 mm in width, a circular saw with a size of 200 mm, a vertical spindle moulder as well as mortiser able to install a cutter approximately a maximum diameter of 13 mm. The device is quickly mobile by hand especially since its weight is less than 47 Kg

Combination Equipment Universe Elite by Damatomacchine
Woodworking Combination machine with round saw Ø 200 mm, making even carriage with a maximum stroke of 500 mm, grating/ Molding with cutter head 50 mm, Planer/ thickness from 154 mm large with 2 blades, Mortiser, 1100 W single-phase motor

It’s a little woodworking maker 6 feature with circular saw Ø 200 mm, squaring carriage with an optimum stroke of 500 mm, crushing/ Molding with cutter head 50 mm, Planer/ density from 154 mm wide with 2 knives, Mortiser, alimenatata from a single-phase motor of 1,000 W.
This variation (Elite) is different from the Standard variation due to the fact that is equipped with shapers able to place a head port blades of diameter by 50 mm.

Combination maker Andromeda Requirement by Damatomacchine
Woodworking machine with 5 various sorts of processing: circular saw Ø 250 mm, moving tablesaw optimum reducing 350 mm, horizontal pin moulder, Planer/ Density 210 mm large, Motor single phase (220 V) with power of 2 HP

Andromeda Standars is a little yet complete combination device powered by Damatomacchine. It’s the perfect option for who start to function the wood or for who does not have elevation request. These maker is featured by a cast iron table, a 210 mm size thicknesser/surface planer, circular saw can occupy to 250 mm Blade, spindle moulder, morticer with an optimum capacity of 105 Dia, sliding carriage as well as 2hp motor in solitary phase. Andromeda Requirement is conformity with CE.