Screen Printing Equipment: What You Need To Start A Profitable Business

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Can’t wait to start your own profitable screen printing organization? We are here to help!

It is vital to select the ideal equipment and screen printing kit and this guide will describe every bit of package you require to start your own screen printing service from scratch. Let’s start at the beginning!

Pre-press describes anything you’ll require in order to produce, format and prepare a style prior to you can begin screen printing. You will require:

A computer system and vital software application: First ensure that you have enough raw computing power (RAM, processor and OS variation) to run your vector style software, like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, to produce your styles. Things could get truly tedious if you’re always awaiting a slower computer system to catch up! In addition to vector design software already discussed, you will likewise require a program like Adobe Photoshop to deal with particular kinds of images.

Printer: To produce a screen print you initially need to create a stencil. The primary step to developing the stencil is to develop a film positive and for this you need an inkjet printer. This will print your designs in black ink onto a special transparent movie, which lets UV light through its clear parts onto your screen throughout exposure, but blocks UV light where the art work is printed, normally in black.

Screen Printing Software: To get the very best quality out of your inkjet printer, we extremely advise using special software application called a RIP. A software application RIP is basically a brand-new printer driver made specifically for screen printers requires. It allows you to utilize your inkjet printer to develop top-notch film positives, rather like the image-setters of old.

Screens: A screen is a great mesh, pulled tight over a lightweight frame, which distributes ink evenly through your stencil onto the product you are printing. It is best to have a selection of screens in different mesh counts handy for your daily needs– specifically if you print different kinds of art work i.e. both great detail and bolder prints such as sportswear. Screens are offered in a wide range of mesh counts and the option of mesh count is determined by your artwork requirements.

UV emulsion and screen exposure unit: To turn your inkjet-printed movie into a useable screen printing stencil, you require to coat your screen with an unique UV reactive screen printing emulsion. There are numerous kinds of screen printing emulsions available such as pure photopolymer emulsion and double cure liquid emulsion. You might require to have more than one type on hand considering that your choice of emulsion is determined by the ink you use for a specific job and the type of artwork you are printing (great detail vs strong and blocky).

You will also require a handy area where your layered screens can dry. Preferably this ought to be in a screen drying cabinet to prevent contamination and accelerate the drying procedure. A little, clean room with safe lighting can likewise be utilized up until a drying cabinet can be purchased.

You likewise require a screen exposure system which discharges ultra violet light, triggering the emulsion to solidify where it is exposed to the light and remain soft where the art work secured it from light. This is how your movie positive ends up being a useable stencil. Prior to you can print with it, you will need to utilize your:

Wash station: This is the area needed to wash out your exposed screen, thus developing it into a usable stencil. You will require a little pressure washer and cold water supply. A custom made washout cubicle is both perfect and really expense efficient to make sure the mess is contained, however if you are working from house you might consider using a spare shower or comparable location up until you can pay for one. Simply bear in mind that you will be using various chemicals in your wash station and ideally this should not be a location that your household will be utilizing.
Screen printing maker and substrates:

The type of screen printing machine that is best for your requirements will be figured out by the kind of work you want to sell, so choose which substrates (t-shirts, bags, banners, signs or other items) you intend to print on prior to choosing your press.

Choosing a press is a very individual choice but one that needs to be taken seriously. Your supreme success will depend upon the functionality and capability of this piece of equipment. If your budget plan is really low, attempt not to be lured to purchase the very least expensive machinery offered. There is a reason auction sites have plenty of low-cost alternatives. If you will be printing garments for instance, choose an entry level t shirt printing device that provides an upgrade course, a choice of accessories and has the capability to hold registration to print multi-colour jobs without losing hours of time and lots of t-shirts.

If you pick an upgradeable press, you will future-proof your company requirements for a long time. If you are uncertain about precisely what you wish to do, have a sensible budget and desire the most versatility, we advise a six colour screen printing machine as this would enable you to print an extremely variety of designs, consisting of simulated procedure colour onto dark garments.

Ink and other tools: Choosing the ink for your business is a big decision and one that has knock-on impacts in other areas such as the type of dryer and the kind of emulsion you require.

If you are a novice, we highly recommend that you consider the benefits of using plastisol screen printing inks.

Other tools you will need include squeegees of an ideal size for your artwork and screen, ink scoops, spray bottles, empty containers to blend inks in, pallet adhesive, protective pallet tape and screen tapes, a scoop coater to put emulsion onto screens and accurate scales. The latter is particularly essential if you prepare to utilize an ink mixing system to mix customized colours for your clients.

Flash cure unit: This device is used to flash dry in between print colours. A flash treatment unit is certainly not utilized in between every colour, but it is not a piece of equipment you can pay for to be without as a screen printer.

An infra red conveyor dryer or tunnel dryer is vital to treat your screen printed inks efficiently and completely, giving your printed t-shirts a wash-fast, top quality professional surface.

An excellent screen printing dryer guarantees that your prints are cured at the appropriate temperature, providing a hard-wearing surface. We also suggest you purchase a laser temperature level weapon to keep an eye on the curing of your products during each print run.

Scrubbing pads, washout brushes, paper towels, protective goggles and gloves are also necessary for use at your wash station.

You will also need screen printing materials such as on-press wash, ink degrader, stencil cleaner (emulsion remover), degreaser/ mesh prep and sometimes haze remover.

And finally, don’t forget:

Boxes, packing products and postage: for sending your printed products to your paying consumers!

Others rely on what they found out about screen printing at school, which is woefully outdated and does not adhere to any market requirements. Most art instructors are never sent out on screen printing courses and rely on their own out-of-date understanding– a vicious circle!