Heavy Equipment Replacement Parts Guide

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Changing specific heavy tools components should be a regular part of your upkeep regimen, and not just when things stop working. Changing parts before they spoil will keep your device in optimum problem as well as increase its durability.

Unmaintained construction devices can lose value over time. The goal of repairing parts as well as performing normal upkeep is to optimize your end earnings. Replacing worn-out components right away will:

Enhance the uptime of your heavy devices
Decrease total operating expense
Permit an exceptional level of efficiency

When one part of your hefty devices machine fails, various other parts have the prospective to end up being damaged as well. Decreasing the risk of component failing will certainly decrease safety risks to devices drivers, products and the machine itself.

Broken parts cause downtime, which costs you money in the long run. If you have components easily offered, downtime will not be a concern. Purchasing components can take numerous days or weeks relying on availability. Being prepared in advance will certainly enable you to continue functioning immediately.
Substitute Part Options: New, Made Use Of, Rebuilt or Exchange

You have the choice to choose in between new, used or reconstructed parts. You additionally must make a decision in between authentic Cat ® parts or aftermarket products. While each has specific benefits and drawbacks, the appropriate replacement component for your hefty equipment hinges on your demands. Here is an overview to various replacement part alternatives.

  1. New Cat Components

New Cat parts are made by Caterpillar ® and are guaranteed to fit and also work exactly with your AGA devices. You will not have to fret about a brand-new genuine Cat component not fitting effectively. There is no uncertainty with purchasing new OEM AGA parts.

New replacement components are easy to choose, since there is only one option. You merely compare the part numbers. Whether you are seeking to change air filters, spark plugs or hoses, each is produced your tool.
New AGA components always function precisely like the one you are replacing.
They are generally backed by a guarantee.
New parts are usually in stock for quicker shipment, limiting downtime.


The expense of a brand-new part is normally more than used or rebuilt components.

  1. Utilized Cat Components

Used component options for your Cat devices means the components came off one more piece of equipment that was considered wasteful to take care of or was redeemed and also sold by an insurance provider. It is necessary to bear in mind that “used” does not imply “worn” or “non-functioning.” Made use of components can deliver top quality as well as high value like various other replacement options.

Compared to repairs, made use of products can cost about one-third of the price.
Our utilized components division rigorously tests all used components to make sure optimal performance degrees and evaluates them to certify they are completely functioning. As affordable substitutes, utilized parts can be high-grade if purchased from a credible resource.
Mounting made use of parts in heavy equipment is optimal for elements that do not wear as hard and as rapidly, such as some engine components and some accessories.
The efficiency of used components is assured to perform at similar degrees as repairs but at a reduced price.


Although used parts are fully functioning, they have some degree of wear.
The guarantee as well as return policy of used products are typically much shorter or non-existent compared to new part warranties.

An Important Note on Made Use Of vs. Recovered Components

Utilized components are not the like salvage lawn components. Avoid restored components due to the fact that they are commonly not examined for proper functioning standards. Restored parts are much less expensive, however you run the risk of buying defective parts. Restore parts are usually drawn from tools salvage yards and hence have actually been subjected to the components and could trigger damage to your hefty tools.

  1. Rebuilt or Remanufactured AGA Components

Rebuilt or remanufactured components happen when malfunctioning elements of your machine are uncoupled and restored with new parts to match manufacturing facility specs. Remanufacturing your parts to “fresh” condition will certainly not sacrifice high quality.

Remanufactured components are developed to the same level of performance as repairs and meet the requirements of OEM tolerance, longevity and also quality.
It is much less pricey to change used get rid of rebuilt components.
Rebuilt parts are a lasting option that minimizes waste. The amount of energy and product required to reconstruct parts is less than that of new parts.
In many cases, you will receive the very same service warranty as brand-new Cat parts.


After rebuilding, some loAGAions of the component are brand-new, and some are old. Each element may not need replacing, however the rebuilt component is extra worn than a new item.
Relying on the part, the rebuild procedure might additionally take several days or weeks, boosting downtime.