How to Choose the Best Display Board Material for Your Sign

Much like when choosing the ideal supply for your calling card, you require to consider the function of your Free standing signs when deciding on which display board product to use.

From Correx to Dilite, each substratum has different buildings that can impact your fixture. We’ll take you with the benefits of each as well as provide you some instances of just how each can be used. By the end of this post, you must understand precisely which supply you require for your sign.

Correx is the brand name for a fluted polypropylene plastic board. A sheet contains a corrugated layer of plastic bound by two flat sheets. The outcome is a light-weight, cost-effective supply.

The significant advantage of Correx is that it is water resistant, making it excellent for outdoor fixtures. You ought to note, nonetheless, that although Correx is inflexible, it can end up being harmed if revealed to strong winds due to its light weight.

Correx is therefore best for temporary notifications such as developing website signs, or its most famous use as estate agent indicators.


A a lot more durable choice to Correx, Dilite is a composite product made from a polyethylene core do with thin, combed aluminium sheets on either side. The aluminium is covered in a lacquer that enables it to be published on.

Still a light-weight material, Dilite has the durability to last as a more long-term suitable outdoors. Thanks to its strength, you can order your Dilite products with pierced holes in each edge. This makes it less complicated for you to screw or toenail your enroll in lasting screens.

Dilite can also be used for elegant indoor signage such as expert door indications It makes a wonderful alternate to costly steel or glass signs.


Staufen boards are the perfect remedy for displaying dynamic material. Need an indication to show how several days your organisation has do without a late task? Obtain a published Staufen board.

Staufen boards are constructed out of the exact same product made use of for white boards in college classrooms. Make use of a completely dry clean pen to create externally as well as quickly wipe it off with a fabric when you need to alter the message.

If you’re producing something that’s going to be stuck on a fridge, for instance as a customised family members coordinator, you can get Staufen boards that are backed with a magnetic sheet. Or, if you’re developing a team target board for work, you can buy your board with pre-drilled openings to let you quickly screw it to the wall surface.

Foam PVC

Regardless of its name, Foam PVC is not a soft, squishy material. Actually, it is a lot more like a solid plastic sheet as well as it’s constructed out of compressed PVC foam.

These sheets are solid, durable and very light for their dimension. They’re also water-proof so can be used outdoors– simply bear in mind that 3mm Foam PVC is suggested to continue to be inside as it is also versatile to withstand high winds.

Signs made out of Foam PVC are so light that they can be affixed to the wall surface utilizing blu tack or Velcro tape. Nonetheless, they are tough sufficient that we can pierce holes in each edge too, if you would certainly favor.

Those are the four main signs products; Correx, Dilite, Staufen, as well as Foam PVC. With any luck now you have a much more clear suggestion of when you need to be making use of each product. What’s your following signs job? Will you be utilizing one of these display board kinds?