Why Magnetic Flooring?

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Our magnetic floor covering was created to save time throughout every phase of the flooring’s life. Actually, on the second installation the system can lower your floor covering setup time by approximately 80% if wetness reduction is asked for as well as renovations could be finished even quicker.

There is additionally a considerable cost savings as revealed listed below with an ROI of multiple substitutes. Every single time you replace the flooring, you have savings in labor, adhesive, downtime, as well as floor prep materials, along with being eco friendly. You also may recognize the prospective to resell your old flooring or re-purpose it elsewhere in your facility or house.

Our magnetic flooring system can be mounted over existing audio and also degree floor covering, meaning there is no need to eliminate the old floor.
Wet subfloors are no long a problem. Our system can be installed over floorings approximately 98% RH, getting rid of a demand for wetness mitigation at 98% RH as well as below, saving significant money and time.
Several of our finishings can be walked on, depending on humidity, in approximately simply 60 minutes after it has actually been installed.
With the fast cure, your floor covering can be dry laid and strolled on after only a hr.
As soon as the floor covering has actually been mounted you will certainly not require to re-install the resin. The magnetically responsive material remains on the floor while offering the versatility to alter the magnetic top floor covering conveniently, quickly, as well as cleanly.
The adaptable nature of the flooring system provides chances as well as benefits that no other floor covering system can match.

Easily improve retail room with franchise or advertising areas & directional signs with in-floor marketing– the flexibility of the flooring system enables advertising or franchise business locations to be mounted in secs without any added flooring preparation. You can market your flooring room to vendors to make the flooring spend for itself.
Full flexibility to change your floor covering whenever you desire. Our flooring utilizes no sticky so magnetism offers professionals with best creative thinking and flexibility to design flooring that is limited only by the imagination of the installer, shop coordinator and also designer.
The material is solvent free and also odor-free so during installation the resin is of no injury to consumers. When set up the top floor covering can be easily raised as well as eliminated without demand to damages, repair service or prepare the subfloor.