Steps to a successful cat flap installation

Installing a cat flap? Take a look at our five leading tips to assist you finish the installation effectively.

  1. Programme your pet cat flap prior to installation

If you have a Microchip Cat Flap, programme your pet cat’s silicon chip or RFID collar tag into the cat flap prior to installation. This is to make certain that you do not mistakenly programme the neighbor’s cat in after it has actually been mounted!

  1. Take into consideration where to mount the feline flap

Pet cat flaps can be installed in doors, home windows and walls, giving plenty of versatility when it concerns the installment location. It’s finest to locate the pet cat flap in a location that opens out onto a sheltered location of your garden. Felines like to really feel safe and secure when they enter as well as go out of your home. If the structure of your house prevents this, make the outside of the pet cat flap more safe by placing plant pots or benches nearby for your pet cat to conceal behind.

  1. Pet cat flap height

Action your feline’s belly to the floor. This is the excellent height to install the pet cat flap. If you need to mount the pet cat flap greater, consider placing actions either side to aid your cat to enter and also out more conveniently.

  1. Choose a cozy day

Installing a cat flap when the weather condition is great will certainly not only make the experience much more enjoyable for you, it will likewise make it less complicated for your feline to discover to utilize their new cat flap if they require time to change. As soon as the feline flap is mounted you might require to prop it open up for a while to aid your feline to get used to utilizing it. Summertime is the optimal time to do this so that your home doesn’t get cool while doing so. Your feline likewise might be more inclined to use their brand-new cat flap if it’s bright outside. If your pet cat does not require to their brand-new cat flap quickly, our feline flap training tips might help.

  1. Ask the specialists

To mount a pet cat flap in a door need to just call for making use of a drill and also a jigsaw, but if you have not done much Do It Yourself, or you intend to set up the cat flap in glass or in a wall surface, you might require to contact a specialist cat flap fitter.