Nose Pad 101: What Nose Pad Are You?

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Have you ever acquired a brand-new pair of glasses or sunglasses and you absolutely like them EXCEPT … they fit a little weird? Yet you don’t intend to return them because they are precisely your style? So, you simply suffer through a little bit of pain? Yep. I have actually been there. A lot more times than I wish to admit. Nevertheless, we no longer need to do that. Nose Pads come in various forms, dimensions, and also shades to help you maintain your styled glasses and be comfortable.

So, you’re probably thinking, Nose Pads ?! Who worldwide buys nose pads ?! Believe me, that was my assumed a few months earlier. Then, I discovered that they are valuable for MANY individuals and also different sort of glasses. The most important point with nose pads is learning the difference. We have five main kinds: glue, screw-in, push-in, slide-in, and also clip-on nose pads.

Our very first nose pad is our sticky nose pad line. Most of these nose pads are made with 3M glue, which enables them to stick in place for longer. You will be making use of adhesive nose pads if you have plastic-framed glasses. The silicone product permits your structures to come to be extra comfortable as well as stop them from sliding down your face.


If you check out your glasses and see a screw in your nose pad, then you thought it, you have screw-in nose pads. When you buy new screw-in nose pads, they do not featured new screws. Therefore, ensure you maintain your initial screw to change your old one. The benefit of acquiring these Prada replacement nose pads is to extend the life of your glasses themselves. Don’t invest cash on a new set of frames even if your nose pads aren’t comfy anymore.


A push-in nose pad is characterized by a rectangle form on the back of the nose pad. It is like the screw-in flange. Nonetheless, the push-in nose pad does not have an opening in the flange, it is solid. In order to put a push-in nose pad on you merely press the nose pad onto the rectangle flange. Once it is safe, you’re good to go. Your glasses will certainly remain in place as well as really feel as comfortable as ever.


Onto the next pair (I recognize, it simply maintains getting better and better). Slide-in nose pads are defined by the round protrusion on their backside. The outcropping has a little lip on the outer side. This lip enables the nose pad to move onto the glasses conveniently and also stay firmly in position. We have some with airbag soft paddings, which allows for severe comfort.


Clip-On nose pads are typically known as Ray Bay nose pads. There are two-pronged steel holds found on the behind of the nose pad. These prongs clip onto the message that is permanently fastened to every nasal side of the structure.

Look Meticulously at your Nose Pads

As the glasses fashion evolves and also alters, make certain to always be your most comfy self. Look carefully at the nose pads on your glasses to see which ones they are. Exchanging them out for even more comfy is simple and easy. No person will even notice!

Figuring out which nose pad you need can be a little bit difficult. If you aren’t certain, then send out a photo of your glasses framework as well as present nose pads. Send it to any type of social media channel for the fastest reaction. Get ready to enter the globe of convenience.