How to wear Ear Cuffs – a quick guide

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If you are new to ear cuffs, right here is a quick overview to placing them on, as well as styling them as part of a curated ear. The best feature of ear cuffs, anybody can use them, as you don’t need piercings!
Tip one – Slide Ear Cuff onto top ear.

Locate the thinnest section of cartilage on the upper ear, draw in an outward direction to squash slightly. Slip the ear cuff onto the ear at this moment.

One side of the cuff ought to sit on the front of the ear, the various other behind the ear.

Scream Pretty ear cuffs should not be squeezed onto the ear – the opening on the fixed form ear cuff ought to fit all ears.

TIP – use a mirror for the initial few times until you get the feel for it.
Tip two – Placement the Ear Cuff

As soon as the cuff is easily on the ear, turn inwards as well as slide downwards towards your lobe, it will certainly all-natural locate a comfortable nook to remain on your ear.

The ear cuff will certainly be placed midway along the external rim of your ear, simply above the earlobe.
Tip three – Check the fit of the Ear Cuff

Step 4 – Styling your ear Ear Cuff

The curated ear pattern – is produced ear cuffs. Stack numerous ear cuffs together for effect. Match up with little studs or hoops for a day-to-day look. Obtain imaginative, you can even put on ear cuffs on the wattle!

Tip Five – Removing an Ear Cuff.

To eliminate your ear cuff, hold your ear, and squash the cartilage material just above the lobe, rock the cuff up and over the ‘bump’ of cartilage material and it should simply slip off!

NB: Our slim sparkling ear cuffs are delicate items of jewelry as well as fitting them correctly will ensure they do not get damaged or bent. The opening is big enough to slip on the majority of ears if fitted as above