Guide to Micro Ring Hair Extensions

What are Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

Micro ring hair extensions are among the most popular ways of connection for hair extensions. Micro rings are easy metallic rings which hair extensions are threaded through, together with several of your own personal hair. After they’ve been placed properly the micro rings are clamped into place, securing the hair extensions to the hair of yours. Our micro rings are lined with a good silicone level to make sure slippage is minimised.

Due to the tiny size of theirs, micro rings are almost undetectable when placed in the hair; they’re additionally entirely damage free and also could be taken out or even repositioned with ease.

Whilst micro ring extensions are discrete, there’s a more discrete option; miniature micro rings. Mini micro ring hair extensions are connected via the very same idea however, the metallic band is small in size. The primary advantage of miniature micro rings is it enables hair extensions being put on to really good hair, with no detection.

Just how Long do Micro Ring Hair Extensions Last?

Micro ring hair extensions are among the longest lasting methods of hair extension attachment, with appropriate maintenance. Our micro ring hair extensions are able to keep going anywhere between one and five years based on the lifestyle of yours and just how you take care of the extensions of yours.

Micro ring hair extension maintenance is among the key things which increases the sustainability of the hair extensions of yours. We advise that clients go to a cost-free check up after monthly and also guide in for two monthly maintenance appointments thereafter. Extensions shouldn’t be used for more than two weeks at a time without refitting as the organic hair of yours would have grown by over an inch meaning which roots will start to tangle and also can harm the hair extensions of yours.

During your upkeep appointments, your micro ring hair extensions are going to be thoroughly eliminated by 1 of the stylists of ours. The hair extensions itself will likely then be resealed with a keratin bonding substance that really helps to minimize shedding and also takes away shampoo build up. Your very own hair will additionally be washed, blow dried, trimmed and re sectioned so we’re able to check out the overall health of both your scalp and hair, whilst simultaneously giving you time to take it easy and unwind. Next, the hair extensions of yours might be refitted with micro ring attachments helping to avoid harm and also slippage to your hair extensions thus, enhancing the longevity of theirs.

There are as well a variety of things which you are able to do in your home to help boost the lifetime of your respective micro ring hair extensions. When your extensions are fitted, you need to refrain from cleaning the hair of yours for 2 3 days; this enables the guidelines on the extensions to harden, helping boost the hardiness of the bonds.

When styling the brand new hair of yours, make sure you treat it with exactly the same respect as you’d your own. Keep in mind that the hair extensions of yours are practically an extension of your hair. Pulling way too hard or perhaps not supporting the bonds when brush is able to result in harm to both your own personal hair and also the extensions themselves. You must additionally attempt to stay away from regular use of heat and try to protect the locks of yours using a heat protection spray before straightening, curling or even blow drying. We additionally guide that a conditioning spray is applied before blow drying, nonetheless, this should not be used right to the micro ring attachments because this may lead your hair extensions to slip. Hair must in addition be detangled before drying with a wide tooth comb; make sure you support the bonds whilst carrying out this.

That are the very best Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

You will find a few of variants of micro ring hair extensions offered by salons. Whilst we provide just micro ring plus miniature micro ring hair extensions, several salons provide what are called micro loop hair extensions. Micro loop hair extensions make use of a plastic loop to be able to connect extensions to a customer’s hair that is all natural. The client’s hair is pulled by way of a a pre attached copper ring and then clamped shut. Whilst this strategy is frequently faster compared to the use of micro ring extensions, they don’t last so long as it’s really hard to perform maintenance on micro loop extensions. This is because every band has already been fused with the hair and thus brand-new rings can’t be applied; extensions may just be pushed back up the hair to lessen slippage however this is not advised. Micro loops are significantly less discreet as micro rings therefore, may usually be seen whether hair style that is healthy is thin.

Micro ring hair extensions, on another hand, though much more cumbersome to install, boast a broad range of benefits over micro loop extensions. The band is introduced in the client’s hair, strands of hair extension can also be placed in the band before in case it’s clamped shut. As locks are separate from the band itself, it could be clamped flatter thus which makes it not as likely to slip and much more discreet. Micro ring extensions also enable regular maintenance being carried out. Hair extensions are usually completely eliminated and refitted to make sure slippage doesn’t appear and hair stays looking fantastic for much longer. Our specific form of micro band is different to us because it has a good level of silicone to further prevent slippage.

We additionally offer miniature micro ring hair extensions. These’re exactly the same as micro rings however, you guessed it…smaller. These’re the ideal option in case you’ve especially fine hair as they’re not as likely to be seen thanks to the size of theirs.
Do Micro Ring Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Micro ring hair extensions are absolutely damage free when fitted correctly by a respected hair extension technician. The main reason that micro ring hair extensions result in no harm on the hair style is since they don’t utilize glue or perhaps some other strong chemicals to be able to develop bonds between the extension and also the natural hair. Hair style is just slotted into the micro band together with the extension and clamped shut.

Whilst it’s been declared the extra weight of the hair and also the micro ring itself might lead to harm to the hair, this is not the situation. Hair is amazingly strong and won’t break for some time in case a gradual pressure is applied. Many people’s hair can handle the weight of huge quantities of micro ring extensions before any breakage will occur.

Furthermore, the dynamics of micro ring hair extensions means that they are able to be quickly removed. They’re eliminated by unclamping the metal band therefore the hair may be freed from the bond. Hair extensions bonded by glue can’t be taken out very quickly. Harsh chemical substances are usually used to breakdown the glue, to release the hair, thus leading to harm to both the organic hair of yours and also on the extension itself.
What Cannot I do with Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

We quite often get asked by customers what they’re able to and cannot do whilst using micro ring hair extensions. Although hair extensions shouldn’t impact the lifestyle of yours too much, you will find things which are specific that you need to stay away from, or take measures against, in case you wish to boost the sustainability of the extensions of yours.

If you’re susceptible to making use of sunbeds you need to make sure that your hair style is wrapped in a towel before use as sunbeds are able to melt the bonds and dry hair. When you work out a great deal, use saunas or maybe steam rooms you need to assure you dry out your hair completely afterwards quickly. If bonds remain moist for an extended period of time, they’ll start to decline.

As extended exposure to moisture is able to result in bonds to deteriorate, we guide you stay away from swimming almost as practical. Both salt and chlorine is able to result in hair discolouration, damage to each hair and bonds, and also matting. Should you opt to go swimming, you ought to try to maintain your head above water to stay away from getting bonds wet almost as possible. You must braid the hair of yours before swimming, rinse completely with water that is fresh afterwards and also detangle with a wide tooth comb, whilst supporting the bonds. You should certainly not brush your hair whilst it’s moist. After the hair style is detangled you need to dry it utilizing a hair extension protein spray.