Claiming for diesel emissions scandal

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What have Mercedes-Benz done?

The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) found that Mercedes installed a cheating software program in their diesel engines that limited discharges readings during vehicle emissions testing and also as a result misrepresenting the actual emissions during real-world driving. The nitrogen oxide (NOx) discharges of the engines consequently really did not follow EU regulatory demands.

Mercedes-Benz’s parent firm Daimler has actually been fined ₤ 776 million by the German district attorneys over this exhausts detraction. The KBA has currently bought Mercedes to remember around 90,000 cars in England and also Wales.

We understand that lawsuits has actually been prompted against Mercedes in various other jurisdictions including Germany, Canada as well as the USA.

Why should I register my interest?

We think about that it’s unacceptable that clients have actually been sold lorries which do not comply with discharges guidelines.

We’ll be saying that afflicted automobiles produce levels of NOx that are more than the law permits, when driven when driving. NOx is a mix of the pollutants Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide and has actually been connected with, among other points acid rain, international warming and respiratory system conditions, such as youth asthma. Our company believe makers ought to abide by the policies restricting the amount of contamination their vehicles send out. That’s why we’re suing Volkswagen, and that’s why we assume Mercedes likewise have a case to respond to.

In addition to the environmental and also moral factors for holding Mercedes to account, there’s additionally the extremely genuine possibility that proprietors have actually paid too much for a vehicle which does not adhere to exhausts regulations which now needs to be dealt with. It may additionally be the case that the repair itself has consequences to the gas usage and also performance of your lorry. If this is the case, we’ll bring a case for those added prices as well.
Am I eligible to join the diesel emissions claims?

You may be eligible to take legal action if your automobile is made by Mercedes and:

has a diesel motor
was made in between 2008 and 2018
was obtained by way of lease or straight-out acquisition, either brand-new or second hand

Exactly how do I register my interest?

If you think that your lorry is affected or you’ve received a recall notification from Mercedes-Benz and would like us to explore your prospective insurance claim for compensation, please call us to provide your information.