What is KSM-66?

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KSM 66 Ashwagandha is a well-known, full-spectrum essence, with the highest possible concentration of all significant root just extracts offered on the market today. It is produced using an unique proprietary extraction process, based upon “Eco-friendly Chemistry” principles, without utilizing alcohol or any other chemical solvent.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha has been clinically shown to:

Assist decrease stress, stress and anxiety, cortisol degrees and stress-related food cravings *.
Help advertise enhanced memory as well as cognitive function *.
Aid advertise endurance, toughness, muscle dimension and also muscle recuperation rate *.
Assist improve sex-related performance health and wellness in both guys and ladies, and testosterone in men *.

KSM-66 Strictly Avoids using Leaves.

KSM-66 makes use of only the roots of the ashwagandha plant with absolutely no enhancement of fallen leaves. Our monetary experts aim out that our profits would certainly be far higher if we changed origins with leaves, provided that the price of leaves is usually much less than 1/15th the price of roots. The use of the roots is on dramatically better clinical structure in terms of human clinical proof and duration of observation than the use of fallen leaves.

Ashwagandha origin consumption has been much heavier with a lot higher chance to observe its safety and security than ashwagandha leaf intake.
The primary majority of published medical trials today get on the origin as well as not the fallen leave.
The insurance coverage of ashwagandha in recommendation works like the pharmacopoeias is just on the root. These recommendation works are the United States Pharmacopoeia, the British Pharmacopoeia, the Indian Pharmacopoeia, the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia, Indian Materia Medica, the Health Canada essay and the W.H.O. monograph. The leaf is in reality not even stated in any one of them for healing usage and also intake.
Governing bodies in some European countries permit just the origin of ashwagandha plant and also not the leaves.

Provided that the fallen leaves abound as well as easily obtainable, what reason would Ayurveda experts need to go with all the difficulty to collect the origin if not their solid belief that the origin is better? The search of the ashwagandha origin is notable without a doubt in Ayurveda. Also the extremely name of the herb (” ashwa” for horse and also “gandha” for odor) is owing to the origin which smells like a steed, according to Ayurveda texts.

KSM-66 is the ideal ashwagandha extract on the globe market today in the sense that it is the highest focus full-spectrum extract offered today. Convinced that the significance of the ashwagandha origin can be drawn out without shedding its strength, the scientific research team devoted itself to discovering the subtleties of plant chemistry as well as did what no one was able to achieve till after that. With ‘Environment-friendly Chemistry’ handling, they were able to holistically remove all the origin significance while protecting its natural healing strength.

KSM-66’s extraction procedure entails pre-treating the ashwagandha roots with milk. Ixoreal has taken this standard technique and also refined it significantly so that it creates high quality ashwagandha in a scalable way, integrating the standard with the contemporary. The milk pre-treatment is important in our removal process because this is in reality what leads to retention of both hydrophilic components and lipophilic parts of the raw root, which in turn leads to a full-spectrum essence of such high-potency.