Claim compensation if your flight’s delayed or cancelled

You could be able to obtain compensation under EU legislation if your flight either:

left from the UK, the European Union (EU), Iceland, Norway or Switzerland

was with a European airline company and also landed in the UK, the EU, Norway or Switzerland, no matter where you were flying from
left from some French islands abroad, or the Canary Islands, Madeira, the Azores or Saint-Martin – check which French islands on the EU site
was with a European airline company as well as landed in a qualified French island abroad, or the Canary Islands, Madeira, the Azores or Saint-Martin

Call the airline company if these do not put on you – as an example, due to the fact that you flew from New york city to Los Angeles, or to Europe on a Qantas airplane. What you’ll be entitled to will depend upon the airline.
Inspect what the airline company should give you if your trip’s delayed

If your trip’s postponed for long enough, your airline needs to provide you:

food and also beverage
access to call and emails
holiday accommodation if you’re delayed over night – and trips between the airport as well as the hotel

How much time the hold-up has to be depends on the distance of the trip as well as the countries it’s flying in between.

The airline could offer you coupons to get these points at the airport terminal. Ask somebody that helps the airline company if you’re not supplied any kind of help.

If they don’t give you aid at the flight terminal, keep receipts for costs as well as try to claim from the airline later. Airline companies only spend for ‘sensible’ costs – you are unlikely to get refund for alcohol, pricey meals or deluxe hotels.
If your trip’s postponed for 3 or more hours

You’re entitled to get compensation if the flight gets here greater than 3 hrs late and it’s the airline’s mistake – for instance, if they didn’t obtain enough reservations or there was a technological fault.

You’re not likely to obtain flight delay compensation if the delay was because of something outside the airline company’s control, like negative climate or a safety threat.

If you get on a non-EU flight which links to an EU flight, you can normally get payment if:

you booked both trips as a solitary reservation

you were delayed for more than 3 hrs

the delay was the airline company’s fault

For instance, if you were flying from London to Melbourne, with a stopover in Dubai, and also your connecting flight was delayed or you couldn’t board the airplane, you would certainly still be covered.

You’re qualified to a collection quantity of compensation relying on:

the distance of your trip – examine your trip range on the WebFlyer web site
the size of the hold-up – just how late you are getting to your location
whether you’re flying to an EU or non-EU destination

If your flight’s delayed for 5 hrs or even more

You do not need to take the flight if it’s delayed for 5 hours or more. No matter whose mistake the hold-up is or the range of the flight
If you do not take the flight.

The airline company legitimately needs to offer you all of the following:

a full reimbursement for the flight
a full reimbursement for various other flights from the airline that you will not make use of in the same reservation, eg a forward or return trip
if you’re part-way with a journey, a flight back to the flight terminal you originally departed from

Speak to somebody from the airline company as quickly as you choose you don’t intend to take the trip
If you do take the trip.

You can claim approximately EUR600 in payment if the hold-up is the airline’s fault – relying on the range and destination of your trip, and just how late it showed up. It may have been your airline company’s fault if there was a technical issue, or they overbooked.

You’re not likely to get settlement if the hold-up was because of something outside the airline company’s control, like negative climate or a protection danger.
If your flight is cancelled

You have the legal right to either:

a complete refund – consisting of various other trips from the airline company that you won’t utilize in the very same booking such as forward or return flights
a replacement flight to get you to your location

if you’re part-way via a journey and you do not want a substitute trip, you likewise have a right to a flight back to the airport you originally departed from.

Request for a refund or replacement at the airport if you can. Otherwise, you can assert from the airline later.

You additionally have a legal right to:

assist with prices – if the cancellation hold-ups you 2 or even more hours
payment – if you would certainly be postponed 2 or even more hours by the substitute flight offered and also you were given less than 2 weeks’ notification

If you get a substitute trip

If you need to wait enough time for your replacement flight, the airline company lawfully has to aid you with things you need. This consists of:

food and beverage
access to call and also e-mails
holiday accommodation if you’re delayed overnight, along with trips between the airport and also the resort

The airline might give you coupons to get these points at the flight terminal. Ask someone who works for the airline if you’re not used anything.

If they do not give you assist at the flight terminal, maintain receipts for your costs as well as try to assert from the airline later. Airline companies just spend for ‘practical’ costs – you are not likely to obtain cash back for alcohol, pricey dishes or high-end hotels.
Insurance claim settlement

You’re lawfully qualified to obtain compensation if the delay is the airline company’s responsibility and also either:

the substitute flight hold-ups your arrival by 2 or even more hours
your flight was terminated less than 2 week before separation

The quantity of payment you’re qualified to depends on:

when the flight was cancelled
the range of the flight

Claim from the airline company to obtain compensation or utilize your own travel insurance if it covers terminations.
Insurance claim from the airline

Contact the airline company– this needs to be the airline company running the flight, even if you scheduled it with another airline company. The airline’s customer care division will normally help. Prepare to offer all your flight information and scheduling referral numbers.

Write your insurance claim– state what went wrong and also what you desire the airline company to offer you. The Civil Air travel Authority knows regarding just how to compose an excellent insurance claim and also you can download and install a layout letter from the Which? internet site. Consist of duplicates (not originals) of your tickets and also any receipts.

Keep documents– maintain copies of your insurance claim and also any type of reaction from the airline company. Remember if you talk to any person from the airline company – this could be helpful if you decide to take your case even more.
If you’re not getting anywhere

You can report your concern to the Civil Air Travel Authority (CAA) if the airline company doesn’t provide you what you’re entitled to.

PACT (the CAA’s Passenger Suggestions and Complaints Team) will just consider your complaint if the airline or airport terminal entailed is not a member of an accepted alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body.