Why Should I Book A Live Band And Not A DJ?

You are planning an event -a wedding ceremony, a company function, or maybe a charity ball – when the formalities are full you would like the visitors of yours to let their hair down, have a wonderful time and dance the night out.

Thus you will find 2 methods you are able to offer music for your visitors to party to – you are able to often book a live band or maybe a DJ. Now on the experience of it, this particular decision will seem to be a no brainer. DJs have a lot of benefits over bands that it’s blah blah blah.

So What Are The Advantages DJs Have Over Bands?

Here is a quick list from the top of my head:

One) A great DJ is cheaper than a terrible band.
Two) DJs occupy less room compared to a band.
Three) DJs normally set up quicker.
Four) DJs have a’ repertoire’ of a huge number of songs.

And still at the conclusion of the evening and that would you want to happen: the guests be shouting and stamping the feet of theirs for even more, or maybe politely say goodnight to one another as well as drift away. You will not get that from a DJ.

Simply because they do not have the’ Wow’ factor.

So What’s This’ Wow’ Factor?

This’ wow’ factor consists of many different components. Firstly there is the energy. From a musician’s perspective you will find things you are able to do whenever you participate in songs that cause them to become much more dynamic, much more enjoyable, much more damn right irristable to a visitor and actually pulls that visitor on the dance floor. About the single thing a DJ does with his songs is changing them in case something’s not working.

Secondly a very good live band’s performance is symbiotic with a market. The way in which the deal works is this: the band get the energy of theirs to jump start the evening after which when they bring the audience onto the dance floor the band subsequently feeds off the audience’s energy. And this also will keep the audience dancing – which turns into a self sustaining cycle. And whether they are consciously conscious serotonin or perhaps not – the people of the audience FEEL this particular relationship, and also in an unusual way become a part of the overall performance.

Thirdly this symbiotic relationship with the market results in a performance that’s special to that event which audience. Songs may be unavailable to the bare bones of theirs and the audience encouraged to have interaction by singing. Or perhaps developing a group and getting dance offs. Or maybe the groom is able to leap onstage and voice a chorus together with the band. Or maybe the vocalists are going to interact with members of the market.

Certainly Providing A DJ Plays Music That Gets People Dancing There is Not Much Difference

Tune in, there is absolutely nothing inappropriate with a DJ. But here is an acid test for you: carry a straw poll by asking the friends of yours and colleagues a question. Here is the question: just how many events have you gone to where music was supplied by a DJ, and just how many incidents in which the music was provided by a live band.

And subsequently the kicker question: just how many events are you able to and also friends recall where event finished with the market stamping the feet of theirs and yelling for a lot more? Plus of this brand new subset of events I am prepared to bet that not one – not a single, only one – was the music offered by a DJ.

You simply get that outcome from a live band.

Unless you are an experienced event organiser you do not organise events much more than twice or once in the lifetime of yours. If that is the situation would not you wish to give yourself the best possibility of that event being memorable for your friends, guests, colleagues and families?

In case you answered yes to the final issue and then make certain you reserve a great live 80s party band to offer the music at the event of yours.

If on another hand you are much more interested with saving cash and also would like a good, safe evening then you will find plenty of DJs waiting for the call of yours.