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The Main Reasons Why Construction Related NVQ Qualifications Are So Important

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Are you planning to take a Construction Related NVQ but aren’t certain of the benefits the course?

Check out the primary reasons for to consider why this NVQ Construction Related certificate is essential.

What is an NVQ in Construction?

An construction NVQ is a certificate which demonstrates the person’s competence in their work related to construction. Construction NVQs can be obtained between levels 2 and 7. The assessor will evaluate the ability of the student to perform their job from the evidence they’ve provided.


Construction offers various avenues that you can pursue your career into. If you select the appropriate course for you, it will assist you in becoming more skilled in the sector you want to grow in. The NVQ will allow you to acquire knowledge about both the theoretical and practical aspects of your work. This can help you advance to advance your career.

For example, Site Supervisors may be able to be able to complete the NVQ level 6 of Construction Site Management. Through this course, they can demonstrate they have fulfilled the duties of Site Manager.

It could also be you require advancement by working up the NVQ levels within your position. Each NVQ level demands more responsibility within the work position.

A wide range of options

There are many Construction NVQs to choose from. They are offered for a variety of tasks like the plastering process, dry lining cranes, forklift trucks, special lifting, and many more. We also offer certificates in site management as well as supervision of sites for different sectors of the industry of construction.

The NVQs are also offered in a variety of grades (1 up to seven) and each one aims at a specific level of knowledge in the field starting from beginner to more advanced certifications.

Recognized qualification

It is the NVQ is also known as the National Vocational Qualification; is widely recognized as a certificate which proves that you’re performing your work to industry standards. This qualification has a strong popularity and is a hit among both prospective and current employers, which can help in your career advancement. They are comparable to other national recognised qualifications like:

GCSE (grades C-A*) is equivalent of an NVQ Level 2.
The certificate of higher education can be compared to NQ Level 4.
A Bachelor’s degree is equivalent to an NQ Level 6

Training on the job

The NVQ is a good option for people who require a qualification and possess “on on the job training” because of its flexible structure. A lot of companies choose to require their employees who have completed an apprenticeships also earn an NVQ to ensure that they get the right balance of theory and practical experience. The knowledge you acquire through your education is bound to lead you into new opportunities for you in your professional life and improve your earnings in the future.

Do you require an NVQ in Construction for the CSCS card?

Each level of NVQ can qualify you for a particular kind of CSCS card. For instance:

The NVQ Level 2 exam will permit you to get the blue Skilled Worker CSCS Card.
NVQ Level 3 can allow you to earn that Gold Advanced Craft CSCS Card.
Level 4 of Construction Site Supervision will make you eligible to apply for an Gold Supervisor Card.
Level 6 of Construction Site Management will make you eligible to apply for an Black Manager Card.

Are you interested in registering for an Construction NVQ?

To learn more about the growing range of NVQs in Construction we offer, reach out to our team.