What is a Jubilee Clip?

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While developing any kind of pressurised system, no question, you will certainly require to connect 2 tubes or connect them to a different kind of fitting. It is a crucial minute because if you use a technique that does not give you with a strong seal and sturdy link, the stress within the system will certainly stand out that link out in time. Typically, while the pipes are brand-new they tend to stretch over installations as well as stick there, thanks to the elasticity of the rubber in them. With air ducts, sadly, you can’t count on that. And even if you are taking care of rubber hose pipes, in time the rubber will shed its elasticity as well as will certainly stand out right out of the suitable.

In the automobile market, the most secondhand means of safeguarding those links is through Jubilee clips. Whenever the link deteriorates, all you require to do is provide it a pair of even more screws as well as if that does not aid, it might be time to transform the pipe.

COOLING AND HEATING as well as exhaust system home builders hardly ever use rubber hose pipes, however, Jubilee clips are as much reliable as well as required, if not even extra. Jubilee clamps in climate control systems and exhaust/fume removal systems are made use of to safeguard adaptable air ducts in area as well as are commonly called duct clamps.

Note: The name Jubilee clips comes from their England based producer– “Jubilee Clips” in Kent. They were established in 1921 and are a well-known brand name below in the UK. Their item “tube clamps” are called Jubilee clips in several other places of the globe.
What are Jubilee clips constructed of

Those clamps are constructed out of strong steel, in fact, three types of steel are being used for their manufacturing.

304 Stainless;
316 Stainless (HNSS).

Those products are very solid as well as long lasting. They can hold up against the outside forces quite well, and also handle heat and corrosion (stainless).
What dimensions of Jubilee clips are readily available

Many thanks to the several different applications of this product, it is safe to claim that you can locate them in any size you could think of. From the tiniest of dimensions that you may use to link your vehicle’s windshield wipers, to additional big jubilee clips.

In ductworks, there are a number of requirements. You can discover the proper dimension of duct clamp correlating with every one of them.

General Jubilee clip dimensions of duct clips:


In ducting, you would rarely need a smaller sized air duct clamp after that 110mm. Also if you do, you can merely unscrew one ducting clip and cut as a lot as you need from the steel band.