What Are the Health Benefits of Sugar Cane?

Fresh sugar cane is utilized in a selection of cuisines around the globe, particularly in Southeast Asia along with other tropical climates. Sugar cane is usually consumed fresh in stalks or maybe, more generally, as being a refined sugar or perhaps a juice. Sugar cane, especially when it hasn’t undergone a huge refinement process, has a selection of nutritional benefits, which makes it a great substitute for refined white sugar.

Nutritional Content

When raw, sugar cane is a naturally low cholesterol, low sodium food which has zero saturated fat. A 1 teaspoon serving of raw sugar produced from sugar cane has just fifteen calories per serving, though it has no soluble fiber, fat, sodium or cholesterol. While it’s a low cholesterol food, sugar cane continue to has a number of calories in proportion to the serving size. Eat sugar cane sparingly to stay away from inadvertently consuming way too many calories.

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Low Glycemic Index

The glycemic index is a measurement of exactly how rapidly a food is going to raise blood glucose levels. The top score on the glycemic index is hundred, the equivalent of white bread or sugar. The lower the glycemic index is, the less effect it’s on blood glucose surges. Sugar cane juice is definitely the element of the vegetable which is really consumed or sucked away, as entire sugar cane is extremely fibrous. Based on “Organic Lifestyle Magazine,” sugar cane juice has a glycemic index of forty three, which, based on the American Diabetes Association, makes sugar cane a low glycemic food. Sugar cane — whether in sugar, syrup or maybe liquid form — is a great replacement for refined white sugar, though sugar cane must remain consumed sparingly. The main reason sugar cane has a low glycemic index is simply because sugars derived from plants are prepared in the liver of yours, not the small intestine of yours. It means that the sugars from sugar cane — glucose and fructose — are less quickly absorbed than sucrose, therefore lowering the chance of blood glucose level spikes.

Blackstrap Molasses

Produced from sugar cane, blackstrap molasses isn’t as typical a sweetener as it was during the pioneer days, but its medical benefits are many. An individual tablespoon contains fifty eight calories, and it’s a great supply of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. A 1-tablespoon serving contains forty one mg of calcium, almost one milligram of iron, forty eight mg of magnesium and 293 mg of potassium. The same sized serving contains almost no cholesterol and no fat.

Sugar cane Juice

For the best health advantages, eat minimally processed sugar cane juice. This means that you eat much less sugar per serving while still getting all of the nutritional benefits of sugar cane. Fresh sugar cane juice may be made at home in case you’ve a juicer. Or maybe you are able to buy it at speciality food stores. The much less processing and the less additives and also additional substances it’s, the more health benefits you will probably get. If you’re interested in eating whole, purchase large, fresh sugar cane, precut bits of fresh sugar cane. Select portions of sugar cane which are nevertheless strong when touched, with a soft, unbruised bark and no noticeable mold. Fresh sugar cane can be saved in the fridge for as much as 6 months.