P-clips for mounting cables and hoses

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Ratchet P-Clip will certainly streamline your wire management

Metal and plastic p-clips have advanced. Take an appearance at the Cog P-Clip!

Design makes the distinction: exactly how you benefit from our Ratchet P-Clip

As the name states, we added a ratchet mechanism to the p-clip. It gives customers the power to deal with the clip independently from the attaching phase. An excellent extra function is that you can launch the ratchet device, re-open the clip and re-use it.

We matched the Ratchet P-Clip includes to the adhering to usability needs:

Liberty of option: different pre- and also last assembly stages.
Easy setup: close with one-hand.
Eliminate pinching: rifling centres the bundle immediately.
Re-open, re-use: easy launch with a flathead screwdriver.
Decrease part supply: four versatile dimensions (6.2 mm – 51 mm diameter).
Set up flexibly: multiple installing plate measurements available.
Maximise durability: toughened, UV-resistant PA66 and also corrosion-free steel.
Optional extras: soft inserts and also stress tab for recurring top quality.

Advantage 1: you can pre-install the p-clip before you shut it

With the Cog P-Clip you can currently figure out the desired course for your cable televisions, pipes or pipes prior to the cable televisions, pipelines or tubes have actually also been supplied!

This two-stage operation additionally gives you the flexibility to divide the attachment and also the dealing with job in the time sense, or in between different installers or contractors. You can also attach the clips to the harness before it is mounted.

The Ratchet P-Clip can conveniently by shut with one hand to the optimal size. The audible clicking as the ratchet guarantees the user that the clip has closed safely.


All four P-Clips (for package diameters from 6,2 mm to 51 mm) are easy to combine on a solitary placing point.

The zinc-plated stainless-steel placing plates are available in various lengths and also with 4 different placing hole dimensions (M6, M8, M10 and M12).

The robust stainless-steel installing plates likewise come in 4 different angles (balanced out 180 ° and 90 ° or elevated 30 ° and also 15 °). This makes it possible to integrate a number of clips on one taking care of factor by piling the installing plates. Spacing your cord clip mounting could not be easier.

The selection of angles and placing plate sizes and also measurements of the Cog P-Clip make a limitless number of placements and also configurations feasible. Below are some of the most preferred setups that our consumers are using: