Benefits of Coffee Drip Bags

If, like the majority of us, coffee is aspect of the day regime of yours, you might not have also considered the advantages and disadvantages of using paper filters compared to metal filters to create your favorite cuppa joe. While we support all sorts of coffee consumption, you will find specific proven benefits of using pour over drip bags instead of a French Press (or maybe plunger).

We wish you like these very little known information about the advantages of coffee drip bags, and also make sure you get in contact for questions, or maybe additional info about wholesale or online coffee orders.

The advantages of a Drip Coffee Bag

Premium coffee Filtering

Because metal air filters are not almost as excellent as paper, they usually do not capture all poured into them. From tiny granules of coffee – called micro fines – to excess oils, making use of a French Press usually provides the coffee of yours a cloudy, murkier look than its paper version.

Added Heart Health

A stimulator of LDL cholesterol levels, cafestol quite often seeps through metal screens and into the cup of yours of coffee. While caffeine in and of is helpful to the center, long-term usage of metallic filters generates an additional danger of cardiovascular pathologies, particularly when the coffee is decaffeinated.

In paper screens, like our coffee drip bags, cafestol is virtually completely assimilated through the papers. Essentially, paper filters = better cardiovascular health.

Cleaner Taste and Look

Because oils oxidise effortlessly through metal screens, the flavor of the coffee of yours will change significantly, quite possibly over the fairly brief length of time needed you to ingest it.

However, paper filters take these little oils and sediments, and in doing this, produce a much brighter cup of java both in terminology of flavor and look. Paper filters are well known to produce a sweeter, fruitier, and all-around’ cleaner’ cup of coffee.

Straightforward Clean-Up

If you have never encountered the wrestle of removing the rubbish and then keep bag break plus spill a mountain of old coffee grinds everywhere, are you a lot actually a coffee drinker? While experienced French Press users typically choose to dispose of their grinds down the drain, its not unheard of for doing it to assist in drain cloggage.

With our handy coffee drippie bags, it is put it to use and drop it, making clean up a slice of cake.


While sure, you can argue that individual use paper screens are not as good for the atmosphere as multiple-use metal screens, we are proud to state that our drippie bags are biodegradable! After drinking, toss them directly into the garden compost heap, and finish it off with a little ground and observe your little seedlings grow.


And also since our drip bags are created to be easy and compact to take with you, they’re ultimately far more handy than packing a plunger on the next camping trip of yours as well as morning beach walk. Everything you will need is water that is hot and the favourite coffee mug of yours, and you are set.